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Repudiate Obama’s Carbon Regulation Plans to Start Economic Recovery

March 4, 2009

Banking problems and “toxic assets” are major contributors to the ongoing decline in the stock market, but it is quite likely that investors took them into account last year. The 800 pound gorilla in the living room that nobody seems to want to talk about consists of Barack Obama’s agenda (per his State of the Union Address) to impose taxes on all fossil fuels, or require users of fossil fuels to buy carbon offset credits from the modern counterparts of medieval indulgence peddlers.

As long as this agenda continues to menace the United States, investors are rightly reluctant to invest in American manufacturing, transportation, and other energy-intensive sectors. If, however, enough Senators (including Democrats from coal-producing and manufacturing states) pledged to vote against and filibuster Obama’s cap-and-trade agenda, it would restore investor confidence, break the downward momentum of the stock market, and set the stage for an economic recovery. (more…)

Oil Price Manipulation to Help Obama?

June 13, 2008

Recent news articles suggest that a large, and possibly dominant, element in the surge in crude oil prices consists of speculation as opposed to actual demand versus supply. While demand is indeed rising, as driven by the growing Chinese and Indian economies, this does not explain the recent doubling of crude prices. Noting that poor economic conditions usually help the challenger party against the incumbent party in an election, and that many foreign countries want Barack Obama to be elected, this leads to a frightening possibility:

Are foreign governments and/or other entities manipulating oil prices to deliberately throw the U.S. economy into a recession to get people to vote for Obama?

Oil Prices Driven by Speculation and not Demand: Italy

OSAKA, Japan (Reuters) – International oil prices are being driven more by speculation than by supply and demand, Italian Economy Minister Giulio Tremonti said on Friday.


“My judgment is that the phenomena of demand and supply can cause price rises, but not so violent and sudden,” Tremonti told reporters at the gathering of Group of Eight finance ministers in Osaka.

On another note, Obama, while campaigning in Pennsylvania, said that gasoline was at four dollars a gallon–when it was still at $3.50. How did he know that gasoline would reach four dollars a gallon this summer?