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Word for the Day: Mall Peon

December 3, 2011

Mall Peon

A mall peon is somebody with so little self respect that he or she will wait in line to get into a store to buy Chinese-made trash, pepper-spray other shoppers to buy Chinese-made trash, trample other people in the process of buying Chinese-made trash, or be so obsessed with buying Chinese-made trash as to walk by a man having a heart attack without doing anything to help.

A lot of time is wasted in traffic because of all the mall peons tying up the highway between Black Friday and Christmas.

Only a mall peon would wait in a long line to get into a Wal-Mart for any purpose, at any time of year.

Intelligent people laugh while mall peons squander their money on Chinese-made trash, and then wait until Boxing Day to buy said trash for roughly what it is actually worth.