Blagojevich Allegedly Tries to Sell Obama’s Senate Seat; Robert Byrd & Co. Would Have Sold Obama

December 10, 2008

“Unko bachana kaun chahega?” India’s Excellent Response to Terrorists:

December 1, 2008

“Who will want to save them?” i.e. “Who wants to capture any alive?”
Mumbai: Doctors Shocked At Hostages Torture reports that the Islamic supremacist perpetrators of the Mumbai massacre tortured many of their hostages before murdering them. The article also says, however, that the Indians may have used what Kumbaya-singing Westerners might call “excessive violence” on the terrorists. The Islamic supremacists’ faces were “beyond recognition” and “One of the terrorists was shot through either eye.”

In other words, the terrorists got exactly what they deserved, and what the United States and Israel ought to give the perpetrators of 9/11 and Ma’alot respectively on a routine basis. The French use the term “pour encourager les autres”–literally “to encourage the others,” but more generally “as an example to others.” We stated more than 25 years ago that first aid for wounded terrorists should be limited to the cost of a single pistol cartridge. Read the rest of this entry »

Let the Grinch Have the Christmas Shopping Season

November 25, 2008

Retailers predict the economic equivalent of coal in their Christmas stockings. Who cares? As stated by Dr. Seuss’ Grinch, Christmas does not come from a store, and we encourage our readers to let the Grinch have Black Friday and the whole holiday shopping season. Young children can be taught the virtue of delayed gratification with the explanation that Santa Claus can bring them more if they wait until after Christmas. This is, of course, because the same amount of money can buy far more after Christmas.

Twenty or thirty years ago, there would have indeed been reason to care about holiday sales figures. The purchase of American-made goods would have enriched American workers and their employers, which would have in turn stimulated the American economy. The purchase of Chinese-made trash–and “trash” describes numerous personal experiences with it plus the well-known cases of poisoned pet food, contaminated heparin, and dangerous toys–stimulates China’s economy while it rewards importers for shipping American jobs offshore.

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Got Melamine?

November 16, 2008

China sells melamine-contaminated products.

Got Melamine?

Got Melamine?

Barack Obama: Buffoon in Chief

November 8, 2008

Why George Bush should install a giant mirror in the Oval Office before he leaves

The insane emperor Caligula made his horse, Incitatus, a Roman consul. In 2008, the people of the United States elected Barack Obama and Joseph Biden. The Romans got the better of the two arrangements, because Caligula appointed the ENTIRE horse. Within 72 hours of his election, Barack Obama has already turned the nation’s highest office and the leadership of the Free World into a carnival sideshow–with Biden and himself as the principal freaks.

Obama began his career as President-Elect by mocking former First Lady Nancy Reagan, whom he said held seances in the White House. It is an unspoken custom of the Presidency that one does not belittle a predecessor, much less his wife, but Obama lost no time in making jokes at the expense of an 87 year-old lady who tended her husband through the ravages of Alzheimer’s Disease. This is entirely consistent, by the way, with his campaign Web site’s tolerance of Alzheimer’s Disease jokes at the expense of John McCain.

He also created a Web site,, which bears the title, “Office of the President Elect.” The site uses the Great Seal of the United States minus the cluster of stars above the eagle’s head. (It might, in fact, be illegal for him to use the entire Great Seal because he is not yet President). He has set up this government-hosted Web site as if it was his personal campaign site, complete with a litany of attacks on President Bush: the man who congratulated him on his election, and who has at least an informal duty to assist him during the transition period.

Senator Biden has meanwhile used his own government-hosted Senate Web site to defame a woman’s deceased father with a false accusation of killing Biden’s wife and daughter while driving drunk. Our country has therefore put a proven liar, coward, and bully (for no other word can adequately describe an individual who uses the power of his office to inflict emotional distress on a private citizen) a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

We hoped that Barack Obama would prove us wrong in our expectations, and that he would even give us cause to apologize for the things we have written about him. This would be in the best interests of our country. He has instead used the first three days of his new status as President-Elect to demonstrate the maturity of an adolescent with a tinfoil crown on his head, a narcissistic megalomaniac with delusions of Messiah-hood. We therefore hope that President Bush will install a room-sized mirror that faces the desk in the Oval Office before he leaves. Obama will then spend the next four years staring at the reflection of himself behind the President’s desk (perhaps having to be fed, groomed, and bathed by attendants) and thus be unable to damage the country during his tenure.

Stop Blaming Palin; McCain’s Campaign Dropped the Ball

November 7, 2008

Like the French generals who executed enlisted men for “cowardice” to cover up their own shortcomings during the First World War, John McCain’s campaign staff is now looking for a convenient scapegoat in the person of Governor Sarah Palin.

First and foremost, the McCain campaign selected Palin to be John McCain’s running mate. Even if the rumors are true (e.g. she thought Africa is a country as opposed to a continent, just as Joe Biden apparently thought that Franklin Roosevelt announced the Pearl Harbor attack on television), it was the staff’s job to review her credentials and those of other candidates ahead of time. If the staff failed to do so adequately, it set Palin and therefore McCain up for failure.

Second, we know of at least one dropped ball and blown opportunity. We called the McCain headquarters repeatedly to bring to its attention a letter from Hillary Clinton’s campaign counsel, Lyn Utrecht, that accused Obama of harassing, intimidating, and suppressing voters during the Nevada caucuses. We faxed and E-mailed copies of this letter to McCain headquarters, and also to some state campaign offices. Had the campaign publicized this letter’s conclusion in 30-second commercial slots, it would have utterly demolished Hillary Clinton’s new-found support for her party’s candidate while adding real flames (credible allegations of misconduct by Obama’s own campaign) to the smoke (voter registration fraud) of the ACORN controversy.

    There is no place in the American electoral process for the types of voter suppression, intimidation and harassment systematically engaged in by the Obama campaign, its allies and supporters.
    Sincerely, Lyn Utrecht
    Counsel Hillary Clinton for President

While various Hillary Clinton support groups like PUMA did re-post this letter on their Web sites–the optical character transcription of the Adobe Acrobat original that we provided helped–McCain’s people did not get back to us, and they did not act on this opportunity. Like a less than diligent maintenance crew that forgets to arm a Navy warplane with a full load of missiles, or doesn’t bother to top off the fuel tanks, McCain’s people let their “pilot” down. If they continue to badmouth Sarah Palin, she should make their own shortcomings clear to the entire world.

Don’t Blame God, We Did it to Ourselves

November 5, 2008
    For here lay the excellent wisdom
    of him that built Mansoul, that the walls
    could never be broken down nor hurt
    by the most mighty adverse potentate
    unless the townsmen gave consent thereto.
    Bunyan’s Holy War.

Jeremiah Wright’s call for God to damn America was apparently answered tonight, but the decision to be damned was up to the American people. It is a common principle throughout the world that evil cannot enter a place unless someone opens the door to admit it. Many legends say that a vampire cannot enter a home unless someone opens the door to him, and everyone knows the legend of the Trojan Horse. On November 4, the United States damned itself by opening the door to Barack Obama.

We hope fervently that we are 100 percent wrong, and that Obama gives us occasion to apologize for what we have said about him. Right now, though, we hope our country survives long enough to clean Obama’s allies out of the Congress in 2010 (as the Republicans swept Congress in 1994) to limit further damage to our nation.

A Song for Election Day

November 3, 2008

To the tune of “When Johnny Comes Marching Home”

When we send Barry home again, hurrah, hurrah
We’ll give him a hearty send-off then, hurrah, hurrah
The men will cheer, the boys will shout
The electorate will all turn out
And we’ll feel just great when
We’ve sent Barry home.

When Barry goes crawling home again, hurrah, hurrah
George Soros will be despondent then, hurrah, hurrah will jeer and Pelosi will pout
But we will cheer as we throw him out
And we’ll all feel great when
We’ve sent Barry home.

When we send Barry home again, hurrah, hurrah,
Wright will damn our country then, hurrah, hurrah
Jesse Jackson will “Racism!” cry
But we will laugh as we march on by
And we’ll all feel great when
We’ve sent Barry home.

When we send Barry home again, hurrah, hurrah
Osama will be in bad shape then, hurrah, hurrah
Ahmadinejad will curse his luck
Joe Biden he will pass the buck
And we’ll feel just great when
We’ve sent Barry home.

When we cross Barry from our list, hurrah, hurrah
Vladimir Putin will pound his fist, hurrah, hurrah
Hugo Chavez will shake his head
Kim Jong Il will wish he was dead
And we’ll all feel great when
Barry goes crawling home.

When we send Barry home again, hurrah, hurrah
The country will be better then, hurrah, hurrah
The Left will jeer and Commies will frown
Sharpton’s men may burn your store down*
But we’ll feel just great when
We’ve sent Barry home.

When Barry goes crawling home again, hurrah, hurrah
Hillary will get some payback then, hurrah, hurrah
Her supporters will cheer and the PUMAs will roar
Blue collar Dems will kick Barry some more
And we’ll all feel great when
We’ve sent Barry home.

When we send Barry home again, hurrah, hurrah
McCain will be President then, hurrah, hurrah
We will shout it long and we’ll shout it loud
America will always stand proud
And we’ll all feel great when
We’ve sent Barry home.

* See “Freddy’s Fashion Mart”

If they call you a racist for voting for McCain/Palin…

November 3, 2008

Try the following one-sentence responses.

(1) “I am following Martin Luther King’s instructions to focus on the content of a person’s character as opposed to the color of his skin.”

(2) “If you offer me a sack of week-old garbage, the last thing on my mind is the color of the sack.”

Voter Information Sheet for Tuesday (hand out at polling places)

November 3, 2008

The Word document is formatted to fit on a single page, for distribution at polling places tomorrow. Please feel free to copy and circulate. Be sure to obey your state’s regulations regarding the distance you must keep between yourself and the polling place when you hand out partisan material.

Election Day Information Sheet, McCain vs. Obama

Captain (USN, retired) John McCain
A lifetime of service to our country

Barack Obama
A lifetime of service to his personal ambitions

(1) Has vowed to destroy the coal industry with carbon taxes—a position supported by his running mate Joseph Biden, who vowed “No new coal plants.”
(2) Will be tested with an international crisis similar to the Cuban Missile Crisis (the closest the U.S. and USSR ever came to nuclear war), again per Joe Biden.
(3) Launched his political career in the home of Weather Underground members Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.
(4) Committed “voter suppression, harassment, and intimidation” during the Nevada caucuses, per a letter from Hillary Clinton’s campaign counsel.
(5) Misused tax exempt church resources by giving a speech with campaign-related content at the United Church of Christ’s 2007 Synod in Hartford.
(6) Refused to “reject” the endorsement of the prominent racist, anti-Semite, and Catholic-hating bigot Louis Farrakhan until Tim Russert and Hillary Clinton backed him into a corner during a nationally televised debate.
(7) Accepted a testimonial from Michael Pfleger, who mocked Hillary Clinton’s tears while exulting that “There were a whole lot of white people crying.”
o Obama’s fellow churchgoers gave this hate speech a standing ovation.
(8) Accepted a testimonial from Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright.
o The Obamas belonged to Wright’s church for 20 years, during which time it published blood libels of both the U.S. and Israel (false accusations of developing the AIDS virus and an Arab-specific “ethnic bomb” respectively) and other forms of hate speech.
(9) Solicited and accepted the endorsement of, which:
o Welcomed anti-Semitic and anti-Catholic hate speech at its now-disgraced Action Forum
o Published a derogatory photo-manipulation of Pope Benedict
o Published a defamatory insult to General David Petraeus
(10) Endorsed Al Sharpton and his National Action Network in April 2007.
o The NAN, while under Sharpton’s leadership and supervision, shouted racial and anti-Semitic epithets at a Jewish-owned store in Harlem (Freddy’s Fashion Mart) that one of Sharpton’s deranged followers then set on fire.
o See also the Crown Heights riots and Tawana Brawley for Sharpton’s long record of inciting hatred of white people, and especially Jews.
(11) Endorsed Black Nationalism in “Dreams From My Father”
o Belittled a Black classmate for having a white girlfriend
o Spoke of the need to “show loyalty to the Black masses”
(12) Welcomed the most vicious imaginable anti-Semitic and ageist hate speech at his official campaign site (over which his campaign exercises editorial control)
(13) Supports live birth abortion (infanticide) per his vote in the Illinois State Senate

Barack Obama’s pastor called upon God to damn America.
God BLESS America, McCain ‘08

(Copies paid for by the user, not authorized by any campaign)