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Dinner with Obama = Patronizing the Peons

June 8, 2007

When Barack Obama has dinner with George Soros’ $60,000, Barack Obama Really Listens

The Romans had a very useful saying: Res ipsa loquitur, “the thing speaks for itself.” We received the following unsolicited fundraising E-mail from David Ploufe at, followed by an E-mail signed by Barack Obama.

—- Original Message —–From: David Plouffe, BarackObama.comDate: June 6,
2007 2:46 PMTo: SupportersSubject: Dinner with Barack?
Dear Friend,
Most political fundraisers are hosted by lobbyists and filled with representatives of special interests. But our campaign is different.
Our funding comes from a movement of Americans giving whatever they can afford, even $5, and Barack wants to sit down with supporters like you.
…Our movement is changing the way campaigns are funded. We’re not taking any contributions from Washington lobbyists or political action committees. More than 100,000 individual donors have demonstrated that this choice is about more than an election. It’s about each of us having a personal stake in the future of American politics.
The dinner for five is an opportunity for you to sit down with Barack and your fellow supporters and talk about what matters to you.
Get the kind of treatment other politicians reserve for special interests. Make a donation in the next week, and you could share your story and your ideas with Barack in person…


Obama Walk for Change Volunteers: Things you Need to Know

June 6, 2007

To: Barack Obama Walk for Change volunteers
Subject: Things you need to know for Saturday recently sent out some information, including a training video, about this Saturday’s Walk for Change event. The Obama campaign, however, omitted some very important things that you may need to know to deal with negative perceptions from many of the people with whom you will be speaking. It is important that you have answers to these questions before you set out on Saturday morning.


Help Derail Obama “Walk for Change”

June 4, 2007

David Ploufe of sent the following in response to our e-mails questioning Barack Obama’s association with anti-Semites, racists, and hate organizations.

An army of Obama volunteers are getting ready to Walk for Change on June 9. These folks will go door-to-door, signing up new volunteers, raising money from supporters, and spreading Barack’s message of change in neighborhoods across the country. Local organizers have planned more than 1,000 walks in all 50 states.

If Barack Obama’s association with bigots and hate groups is not acceptable to you, here is how to derail his Walk for Change. First, print out the information shown below, and have it ready to hand to the Walk for Change volunteer on Saturday June 9. Then, when the volunteer comes to your door, be polite but firm.