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Fixing “Supply Expired” Inkjet Problem

June 2, 2007

Our HP D135 OfficeJet printer kept diplaying a “supply expired, printing will stop” error message when we inserted a cartridge from an old, although unopened, #14 ink package. The printer did not provide a means for bypassing or ignoring this–which will negatively influence our future consideration of Hewlett-Packard products–and we had to do a Google search to find the work-around. Note that one does the following at one’s own risk, noting that the cartridge’s hard-coded expiration date is probably there for a reason, but we resent not being able to apply our own judgment in the matter.

Raise the printer cover just like you will do to replace an ink cartridge (but please don’t touch the cartridge at all). Peep inside with a flash light to the interior left end of the printer where you will see a printed circuit board. Look to the left end of this board to find a round silver colored metallic battery with its + terminal visible. There is a clip pressing against the battery which acts as the positive lead. Please DO NOT remove the battery or anything else. Slide a thin insulated sheet of material (such as a thin credit card) under the clip breaking the circuit to the battery. Wait about a minute and then remove the plastic sheet you had inserted. Close the cover and enjoy another 18 trouble-free months of your printer!

The battery in question is at the far right front of the D135 printer (that is, on your left and toward you when you open the cover. The site adds that the procedure fixes this problem for other printers as well. Again, one does it at one’s own risk, and we would not recommend it for an ink cartridge that has actually been in the open to dry out, but we did not think there was substantial risk in using one from the sealed bag in which it came from the factory.