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Club Cruz Exposes the Truth About Rachel Corrie

January 28, 2008

Did the International Solidarity Movement set up Rachel Corrie to be killed so it could make propaganda from her death? In any event, the ISM has been caught lying about the death of an American citizen, which is bad enough by itself.
Part 1
(more…) Backs Palestinians against Israel

July 5, 2007

Supports Palestinian Right of Return, Blames Israel for Breaking Off Peace Talks, Quotes Electronic Intifada

We came across this through Clifford Lazar’s site. It seems that ( official bulletin by Noah Winer) turned out to be so embarrasing to that took it down. Thanks to, however, we can present our readers with highlights of’s official position (they can’t blame this one on the Action Forum) about the Palestinians and Israel. (more…)

The International Solidarity Movement and Rachel Corrie

May 27, 2007

There is in fact substantial evidence that the International Solidarity Movement and/or its Palestinian handlers set up Rachel Corrie to be killed so they could make propaganda.