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Genuine Evil, the Counterpart to Baseless Hatred

February 12, 2008

Obama Surrounds Himself with Anti-Semites and Other Bigots

No Place For Slander In Jewish Discourse by Ira N. Forman of the National Jewish Democratic Council warns against sinat chinam, or baseless hatred. History abounds with examples, such as anti-Semites attempting to blame problems like bad harvests and plagues on Jews, Nero blaming Christians for the fire that destroyed Rome, Inquisitors and witch-hunters inventing heretics and witches to justify their existences along with the worst atrocities in history, and so on. Orwell’s 1984 includes a fictional example of a subversive named Goldstein, who may or may not even exist.

Sinat chinam, or baseless hatred, also has an opposite: the sanitization, whitewashing, or denial of genuine dangers and evils. This seems to be what NJDC is trying to do with Barack Obama and his anti-Semitic and anti-Israel connections. America First downplayed the menace of Nazism, and there were even Jewish collaborators who, whether willing or not, told other Jews that the cattle cars were going to take them to recreation camps instead of extermination facilities. Although Joseph McCarthy may have advanced himself through baseless persecution of imaginary Communists, genuine Communists and their fellow travelers were indeed trying to undermine the United States during the Cold War. Today, the Islamic Supremacist world tries to present a friendly face to the Judeo-Christian world while plotting its destruction. Its accomplices include Judas goats (literally trained animals that are kept alive and fed well so they will lead others of their own species to slaughter.) Holocaust denial and its equivalents are examples as well.

Dolores Umbridge of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is an outstanding if fictional example; she punishes Harry Potter for saying that Lord Voldemort has returned, even though Voldemort and his accomplice committed murder right in front of Potter. Grima Wormtongue of Lord of the Rings, who keeps telling his king that the Dark Lord is not a threat to the realm, is another. All these are the opposite of sinat chinam, and we really need a good word or simple phrase to describe them.

Let us begin, however, with baseless hatred. The National Jewish Democratic Council knows all about sinat chinam, because it is so good at practicing and promoting it. The following screenshots from Bubbie versus Christians and Jesus, also known as Bubbie versus the GOP, are shining examples of baseless hatred, paranoia, and bigotry for self-serving political gain. (more…)

Huckabee: Clinton’s Lips Stuck to Soros’ Ass

December 27, 2007

 Mike Huckabee said, and rightly so, ”If you can’t get your lips off the backside of George Soros long enough to use those lips to say it’s wrong to declare a sitting general . . . guilty of treason, how would you ever expect to have the support of the very military you might have to send into deadly battle?” Media for Reproduction at CafePress

October 14, 2007

The first rule of swimming with sharks is not to get bitten. The second rule is that, if you do get bitten, don’t bleed, and under no circumstances must you thrash around. It doesn’t help, and it only serves to attract more sharks. As shown by Michelle Malkin, is not only bleeding like a stuck pig, it is also thrashing around like a minnow with a broken back. (more…)

End of the Line for

September 29, 2007

There is an outstanding scene in one of the Karate Kid movies in which a corrupt martial arts instructor’s students finally recognize his dishonesty and lack of character, throw their belts at his feet, and walk away in disgust. Almost half of the Senate’s Democrats and two thirds of the House’s Democrats have just done the same with These include former candidates Bob Casey (PA), Bill Nelson (FL), Patrick Murphy (PA-08) and Nick Lampson (TX-22). This is the long-awaited break in the ranks that marks the end of It shows that many if not most Democrats are now more afraid of public opinion and common decency than they are of’s organizing capabilities and George Soros’ money. (more…) Democrats “Betrayus” on Cornyn Amendment

September 26, 2007

Nowhere do we see “Senator” or “Representative” in front of David Petraeus’ name. General Petraeus did not get a vote on “A joint resolution to authorize the use of United States Armed Forces against Iraq” in late 2002. As a soldier, he has merely carried out the lawful orders he received from our civilian government. The fact that Hillary Clinton voted to give him and other soldiers those orders, but has now joined in attacking his personal character, proves her unfit to direct our Armed Forces in any capacity whatsoever.


National Jewish Democratic Council Asked to Denounce Petraeus Defamation

September 15, 2007

To njdc “at” and nynjdc “at”, September 12, 2007

A couple of days ago, published a defamatory advertisement ( in the New York Times. The advertisement makes accusations that would be insulting to any lady or gentleman of character, but especially to a serving military officer who follows a very strict code of honor. The fact that has no honor or character whatsoever does not excuse it for insulting and defaming those who do.’s propaganda, like its derogatory cartoon of Pope Benedict waving a gavel in front of the U.S. Supreme Court along with the anti-Semitic and anti-Catholic hate speech it promoted on its now-disgraced Action Forum, is self-destructive and incompetent. took a very dignified picture of a gentleman with four stars on his shoulder, Army skill badges that include Parachutist and Air Assault, and numerous service ribbons, and applied a name that any dirty-faced snot-nosed kid in a grade school playground could develop., on Eli Pariser’s watch, is nothing more than a political parasite that feeds off of demagoguery, lies, Catholic-baiting, and promotion of anti-Semitism. (more…)

General “Betray Us,” Meet “Eli Parasite” of

September 13, 2007

When you have a name like Eli Pariser (executive director of MoveOn PAC), you should think twice before your organization tosses out schoolyard names like “General Betray Us,” especially when referring to a distinguished military officer who has delivered more service to our country in a single week than the parasites at are likely to deliver in their entire lives.


Click on the image to display a full-sized animation of Eli Pariser morphing with Eli Parasite. (In case it doesn’t display properly, here is what it looks like):

Eli Parasite