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Barack Obama: “Some of my best friends are…”

March 24, 2008

Racists, anti-Semites, and Catholic-haters.

Obama and Wright<

Obama and Sharpton (more…)

Obama Smears his Grandmother for Political Gain

March 19, 2008

Obama’s Black Identity Politics is Consistent With Jeremiah Wright’s Hate Speech

If anyone believes that Barack Obama “just found out” about Jeremiah Wright’s vicious anti-American hate speech, we have a bridge in Brooklyn we would like to sell them. As shown by Obama’s own book Dreams From My Father, Obama’s deep involvement in Black identity politics–replace that with “White identity politics” to envision sheets, hoods, and burning crosses–is entirely consistent with his widespread involvement and association with racists, anti-Semites, and Catholic-haters. The bottom line is that Obama is not one of us and, by “us,” we mean mainstream America.

To begin with, Barack Obama must have known what Jeremiah Wright was when he joined the Trinity United Church of Christ (TUCC). As long ago as 1984, Wright accompanied Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam on a trip to Libya to visit the dictator Moammar Khadafy. When Obama joined TUCC, he therefore knew that the pastor consorted openly with a vicious racist, anti-Semite, and Catholic-hater while paying friendly calls on an Islamic supremacist dictator. Now let’s take a look at some content from Dreams From My Father. (more…)

Who is Barack Obama? (Viral E-mail For Circulation)

March 2, 2008

We have previously shown that viral E-mails (E-mails that people circulate to friends and associates, not E-mails that contain computer viruses) are causing serious problems for the Obama campaign. The following viral e-mail, which we place in the public domain and whose widespread circulation we encourage, tells the absolute truth about this phony smile on top of an empty suit, and all statements in this package can be verified independently through a Google search, or reference to the indicated links. In Netscape E-mail at least, the entire package below pastes into the letter with preservation of highlighting and formatting. COPY, PASTE, AND SEND! (more…)

Help Derail Obama “Walk for Change”

June 4, 2007

David Ploufe of sent the following in response to our e-mails questioning Barack Obama’s association with anti-Semites, racists, and hate organizations.

An army of Obama volunteers are getting ready to Walk for Change on June 9. These folks will go door-to-door, signing up new volunteers, raising money from supporters, and spreading Barack’s message of change in neighborhoods across the country. Local organizers have planned more than 1,000 walks in all 50 states.

If Barack Obama’s association with bigots and hate groups is not acceptable to you, here is how to derail his Walk for Change. First, print out the information shown below, and have it ready to hand to the Walk for Change volunteer on Saturday June 9. Then, when the volunteer comes to your door, be polite but firm.


Jewish Task Force on Obama’s Hate Group Connections

June 1, 2007

Jewish Task Force exposes Barack Obama’s connections with hate groups and hate mongers like Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton. Note that Obama’s pastor, Jeremiah Wright, accompanied Louis Farrakhan to Libya in 1984, where they met with Moammar Khadafy. Res ipsa loquitur, the thing speaks for itself.