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This is Why Viral E-mail Terrifies Obama

September 17, 2008

Grassroots person-to-person contacts can negate his eight-figure campaign budget

“Unmasking the Source of an Internet Rumor” shows how viral E-mail can decide the 2008 Presidential election. “Viral E-mail” does not mean the E-mail contains a computer virus; instead, it spreads like a virus (or propagates like a nuclear chain reaction). The Flash presentation at presents this concept visually, and it shows why the Obama campaign finds the idea terrifying. If neighbor to neighbor contacts expose Obama’s support for Black Nationalism, his association with racists and anti-Semites of every stripe, and his questionable campaign financing methods, all the money in the world won’t buy this election for him. He can spend a hundred million dollars to run the same ads over and over again but, when voters verify for themselves that he is a phony and a fraud, they will just laugh at the ads and vote for McCain/Palin.

Viral E-mail emphatically does not mean spamming, or blasting an E-mail message indiscriminately to hundreds or thousands of people. This violates the terms of service of every reputable Internet service provider on earth. It means distribution of personal messages to people whom you know, and who know you. It’s a “neighbor to neighbor” form of contact that requires very little effort from the participants. Barack Obama’s campaign promotes this communication method, and we can use the same method to take him down before November. (more…)

Republicans Who Won’t Support McCain…

February 8, 2008

Ann Coulter, we are talking about YOU.
If you sit this election out and don’t vote, you ARE voting… for one of the following. We encourage Republicans who don’t like McCain’s positions to vote for Romney and Huckabee in the remaining primaries to tell McCain that they want him to move further to the right. On the other hand, your choice this November will be between McCain and his 10-35% Americans for Democratic Action rating, and Clinton or Obama with 95-100% ADA ratings.