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Senator Joe Biden: Proven Liar, Coward, and Bully

October 2, 2008

Biden uses his Senate Web site to inflict emotional distress on private citizen Pam Hamill

Inside Edition reports that Senator Joseph Biden, the individual–we won’t call him a man–who wants to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency has, on at least two occasions, used his office to inflict emotional distress on a private citizen by calling her deceased father a drunk driver with blood on his hands. Noting that a false accusation of a crime like killing somebody while driving drunk is automatically libel or slander, Mr. Biden is lucky that Curtis Dunn is no longer alive to defend his reputation in court. The fact that Biden waited for Mr. Dunn to die before he harassed Dunn’s daughter with this false accusation makes him a coward as well as a liar, and his use of his powerful government office to hurt a private citizen in this manner brings “bully” to mind as well. (more…)