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“Unko bachana kaun chahega?” India’s Excellent Response to Terrorists:

December 1, 2008

“Who will want to save them?” i.e. “Who wants to capture any alive?”
Mumbai: Doctors Shocked At Hostages Torture reports that the Islamic supremacist perpetrators of the Mumbai massacre tortured many of their hostages before murdering them. The article also says, however, that the Indians may have used what Kumbaya-singing Westerners might call “excessive violence” on the terrorists. The Islamic supremacists’ faces were “beyond recognition” and “One of the terrorists was shot through either eye.”

In other words, the terrorists got exactly what they deserved, and what the United States and Israel ought to give the perpetrators of 9/11 and Ma’alot respectively on a routine basis. The French use the term “pour encourager les autres”–literally “to encourage the others,” but more generally “as an example to others.” We stated more than 25 years ago that first aid for wounded terrorists should be limited to the cost of a single pistol cartridge. (more…)

“Veni, Vidi, Deus Vicit:” Jan Sobieski Day, September 12

September 12, 2008

Multiculturalists and other Kumbaya-singers are trying to define September 12 as “Interdependence Day,” when it is in fact the anniversary of one of the most decisive battles in history. On this date in 1683, Central Europe was on the edge of conquest by an Islamic supremacist army. Turkish miners had already undermined at least one bastion of Vienna’s fortress, and only a heroic response by defenders who actually extinguished an explosive charge’s fuze prevented a fatal breach in the defenses. Within days if not hours, militant and expansionist Islam would hold sway over the heart of Europe. That was when the Polish Army showed up, and King Jan Sobieski III was in command. (more…)

Islamic Supremacists Defeated at Omdurman: 2 September 1898

September 2, 2008

Today is the 110th anniversary of the Battle of Omdurman, where Islamic supremacist Mahdists (followers of the former slave trader Mohammed Ahmad) were defeated by a British and Egyptian army. Future Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who took part in the battle, describes the action from the Anglo-Egyptian side. Omdurman thoroughly avenged the disaster at Khartoum (1885), where the Mahdists sacked the city and killed General Charles Gordon. (more…)

The Islamic Supremacist Cancer

December 9, 2007

Enemies of Islam

Don’t confuse Islamic supremacist savages and bandits with Muslims. Muslim-Americans tend to be well educated, productive workers, and good citizens. Turkey is a highly civilized Muslim country that once kept the barbarians in their place. (We doubt that Islamic supremacists practiced femicide, wife battering, and so-called honor killings of women when they were under Turkish rule, because the Turks did not put up with that kind of nonsense.) Islamic supremacists are dregs of society, criminals, and bipedal vermin that leech off their surrounding societies like the parasites they are.

Shaytan (Islamic Thinkers)

khilafah (Islamic Thinkers)<

“Submission” The film the Islamic Supremacists don’t want you to see

December 9, 2007

“Oh Allah, Most High… I feel the strength of my husband’s fist on my face.” Being raped by an uncle is a normal part of life in Islamic supremacist cultures, as is domestic violence and wife battering.

Submission, Part 2. More wife battering. See how civilized they are!