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Not Just ACORN: Obama’s Own Campaign Accused of Election Fraud

October 19, 2008

Like a common thief who, when caught red-handed with his hand in the till, calls the cop who caught him a crook, Barack Obama’s campaign has asked the Department of Justice to “look into whether any administration officials have worked in a joint effort with the McCain campaign and the RNC in legitimizing the allegations of vote fraud.” We are somehow reminded of Boss Tweed’s bullyboys and private police force roughing up any New Yorker who dared to point out that he had seen Tweed’s partisans vote twice.

Below is an optical character recognition scan of the relevant portion of Obama campaign counsel Bob Bauer’s letter to the Department of Justice. Not only is Bauer sufficiently audacious to assert, “These [vote fraud] allegations do not mean illegal voting. Nobody really expects thousands of Mickey Mouses or Tony Romos to show up at the poll to vote this fall.” Sure, Bobby, and that guy who is concealing merchandise in his coat doesn’t really intend to carry it out of the store without paying. Why register nonexistent people, dead people, and children to vote unless you plan to have them vote? What stops an ACORN worker from going to multiple polling places to vote under multiple ACORN-fabricated identities? Mickey Mouse might not get past the door, but that seven year-old girl whom ACORN registered as an adult just might.

Furthermore, Bobby, you should remember the old adage about coming into court with clean hands, and you sure don’t want a court (or the Department of Justice) to take official notice of the highly credible allegations against Barack Obama’s own campaign of outright election fraud. (more…)

Biden Letter Says, “It’s Getting Ugly.” This Schoolyard Bully Should Know

October 8, 2008

Biden “Nifongs” innocent man’s reputation, then complains about “smears”
We received the following unsolicited fundraising letter from the Obama/Biden campaign. Given Biden’s own documented conduct–from his Senate Web site and not from any Republicans or PUMAs–he has about as much right as disgraced prosecutor Mike Nifong has to talk about lies and smears.

    The McCain campaign is on the ropes, and sadly it’s no surprise they’re responding with attacks and outright lies.

    I’ve heard some pretty unspeakable things in the past few days — deeply offensive smears that we’ll hear over and over again until Election Day.

    John McCain and Governor Palin are setting a new low in presidential politics with their dishonorable campaign.

We have seen some pretty unspeakable things on Mr. Biden’s Senate Web site. We refer specifically to a knowingly false accusation of homicide while driving drunk, which would automatically be libel if its target were alive to defend his reputation in court. Since no such recourse is available to the man’s family, though, Mr. Biden is free to use his public visibility and his Senate Web site to wreak emotional distress on the man’s innocent family. (more…)

BREAKING NEWS: Obama Allegedly Undermined U.S. Foreign Policy in Iraq

September 15, 2008

Stick a fork in Obama: he’s done

The following is in today’s New York Post. The bottom line is that Barack Obama allegedly attempted to undermine official U.S. policy in Iraq, an action that could have endangered thousands of lives as well as regional peace and security, for his own political benefit. We encourage our readers to circulate this story as widely as possible, because it alone should mean the end of Obama’s candidacy.


    WHILE campaigning in public for a speedy withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, Sen. Barack Obama has tried in private to persuade Iraqi leaders to delay an agreement on a draw-down of the American military presence.

(more…) Obama Will Appoint Activist Supreme Court Justices

September 14, 2008, whose purpose is to support Barack Obama’s election, admits openly that Obama will appoint more Supreme Court Justices who will rewrite the Constitution without going to all the trouble of getting a supermajority vote in Congress and ratification by three quarters of the state. Squealer the Pig from George Orwell’s Animal Farm comes to mind; he was the one who, while all the other animals were asleep, would get on a ladder and change the laws of Animal Farm.


Obama and “The Israel Lobby”

March 29, 2008

Res ipsa loquitur, the thing speaks for itself.

Obama site and The Israel Lobby Democrats “Betrayus” on Cornyn Amendment

September 26, 2007

Nowhere do we see “Senator” or “Representative” in front of David Petraeus’ name. General Petraeus did not get a vote on “A joint resolution to authorize the use of United States Armed Forces against Iraq” in late 2002. As a soldier, he has merely carried out the lawful orders he received from our civilian government. The fact that Hillary Clinton voted to give him and other soldiers those orders, but has now joined in attacking his personal character, proves her unfit to direct our Armed Forces in any capacity whatsoever.


National Jewish Democratic Council Asked to Denounce Petraeus Defamation

September 15, 2007

To njdc “at” and nynjdc “at”, September 12, 2007

A couple of days ago, published a defamatory advertisement ( in the New York Times. The advertisement makes accusations that would be insulting to any lady or gentleman of character, but especially to a serving military officer who follows a very strict code of honor. The fact that has no honor or character whatsoever does not excuse it for insulting and defaming those who do.’s propaganda, like its derogatory cartoon of Pope Benedict waving a gavel in front of the U.S. Supreme Court along with the anti-Semitic and anti-Catholic hate speech it promoted on its now-disgraced Action Forum, is self-destructive and incompetent. took a very dignified picture of a gentleman with four stars on his shoulder, Army skill badges that include Parachutist and Air Assault, and numerous service ribbons, and applied a name that any dirty-faced snot-nosed kid in a grade school playground could develop., on Eli Pariser’s watch, is nothing more than a political parasite that feeds off of demagoguery, lies, Catholic-baiting, and promotion of anti-Semitism. (more…)

Dinner with Obama = Patronizing the Peons

June 8, 2007

When Barack Obama has dinner with George Soros’ $60,000, Barack Obama Really Listens

The Romans had a very useful saying: Res ipsa loquitur, “the thing speaks for itself.” We received the following unsolicited fundraising E-mail from David Ploufe at, followed by an E-mail signed by Barack Obama.

—- Original Message —–From: David Plouffe, BarackObama.comDate: June 6,
2007 2:46 PMTo: SupportersSubject: Dinner with Barack?
Dear Friend,
Most political fundraisers are hosted by lobbyists and filled with representatives of special interests. But our campaign is different.
Our funding comes from a movement of Americans giving whatever they can afford, even $5, and Barack wants to sit down with supporters like you.
…Our movement is changing the way campaigns are funded. We’re not taking any contributions from Washington lobbyists or political action committees. More than 100,000 individual donors have demonstrated that this choice is about more than an election. It’s about each of us having a personal stake in the future of American politics.
The dinner for five is an opportunity for you to sit down with Barack and your fellow supporters and talk about what matters to you.
Get the kind of treatment other politicians reserve for special interests. Make a donation in the next week, and you could share your story and your ideas with Barack in person…


Al Sharpton on “Jewing the Numbers”

May 18, 2007

We previously reported how Barack Obama stood arm in arm with the prominent racist and anti-Semite Al Sharpton at a meeting of Sharpton’s hate organization, the National Action Network. We would like to share the “response” we received from the Obama campaign regarding our complaints about his open association with a prominent hatemonger and a hate group that has been directly involved in at least one fatal incident of racist and anti-Semitic violence (the arson of Freddy’s Fashion Mart). (more…)

Barack Obama’s Hateful Connections, Part 2

May 10, 2007

We previously reported the following:

  1. Barack Obama’s friend Al Sharpton, with whom he appears arm in arm at a meeting of the National Action Network, is a known racist and anti-Semite. The National Action Network is a hate organization that is no better than the Ku Klux Klan or White Aryan Resistance (noting its behavior prior to the arson of a Jewish-owned store in Harlem).
  2. Barack Obama’s financial sponsor George Soros hates Israel (and also the United States). Soros has called the United States “a danger to world peace” that needs “de-Nazification,” while blaming Israel for causing anti-Semitism.
  3. Barack Obama’s friends at have not only knowingly and willfully sponsored anti-Semitic and anti-Catholic hate speech at their Action Forum, they have published an official pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel bulletins that promote Gush Shalom and Electronic Intifada. Another bulletin accuses “Zionists” of having “divided loyalties.”
  4. Barack Obama’s spiritual guide, Jeremiah Wright, has made racist statements and has indicated hatred of Israel.

Now we will discuss George Soros and