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Who is Barack Obama? (Viral E-mail For Circulation)

March 2, 2008

We have previously shown that viral E-mails (E-mails that people circulate to friends and associates, not E-mails that contain computer viruses) are causing serious problems for the Obama campaign. The following viral e-mail, which we place in the public domain and whose widespread circulation we encourage, tells the absolute truth about this phony smile on top of an empty suit, and all statements in this package can be verified independently through a Google search, or reference to the indicated links. In Netscape E-mail at least, the entire package below pastes into the letter with preservation of highlighting and formatting. COPY, PASTE, AND SEND! (more…)

Live Birth Abortion: Obamanation

February 12, 2008

Live Birth Abortion

Click for 1000 by 300 pixel image suitable for reproduction as a bumper sticker.

Infanticide is an Obamanation

February 9, 2008

We have always maintained that we do not have a dog in the abortion rights fight, and that we would never take sides unless a viable political entity went to the extreme of (1) trying to outlaw all abortions or (2) legalizing the murder of viable infants. We do not share the primarily religious belief that a fertilized egg is a “life,” but we do not see why anyone needs a non-theraputic partial birth abortion either. A woman who wants to terminate her pregnancy voluntarily can do so during the first few months of pregnancy, before the fetus has developed significantly and also while the procedure is easier on the woman.

If Barack Obama becomes the Democratic nominee, that will change. We will indeed have a dog in this fight, and Obama’s people will wish their campaign had met a Presa Canario, Rottweiler, or pit bull instead. We are confident that we can destroy Obama’s candidacy in Pennsylvania and possibly New York as long as we can get the cooperation of the active pro-life groups in both states, and there is no way Obama can win the election without these states. We are also confident that we will meet no significant resistance from pro-choice groups, because not many pro-choice people are going to associate their good names with infanticide: the killing of babies outside the uterus, as endorsed by Barack Hussein Obama. (more…)

We Don’t Do Dinner with Genocide Enablers like Obama

August 7, 2007

We received the following from Barack Obama’s campaign:

I’m looking forward to having dinner with Dorothy, but there are still three seats left at the table. Will you be in one of them?
If you make a donation by 11:59 pm tonight, Tuesday, July 31st, you could join us for dinner very soon:

We don’t do dinner with people who are on record as enabling genocide and infanticide while consorting with prominent racists and anti-Semites. (more…)