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Obama Campaign Site: All Senior Citizens are Senile

July 30, 2008

Given this individual’s semiliterate tirade (“He should of never been president,” with “of” standing in for “have,”) we have to wonder whether this presumably twenty-something Obama supporter already has dementia, but we digress. This site, which is under the editorial control of the Obama campaign, clearly sanctions ageist hate speech for the purpose of attacking John McCain. The Obama campaign even sanctions propaganda at its own site and at YouTube to the effect that McCain is at higher risk for Alzheimer’s Disease because he is in his early seventies.

Obama should not have gone there, noting that cokeheads also are at higher risk for brain damage and mental problems, and his own book “Dreams From My Father” describes how he got “snowed” in college.

Post from Tracy Woods’s Blog:
By Ready for a CHANGE!!!! – Jun 25th, 2008 at 12:29 pm EDT
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I don’t feel just because he hasn’t served in the military he does’t have the intelligence to stop the war in a timely manner as he stated. Hillary tried to prove the he did’t have enough experience to win as the Democratic noniminee. HE PROVED HER WRONG!!!

John McCain is to old to run for anything. Once men reach a certain age they start to develop the old people’s disease (lol). We have to worry about him being senile. And how do we know if the didn’t torture him mentally when he was held captive and turned him against the United States. He’s not for our country, just like Bush. He should of never been president in the first place,he cheated. I don’t know if God knows why they left him in office or why the elected him again (cheated) to be the President. When he’s out of office he should not be paid at all for the poor job that he did while he was in office. Him and his family she be made to pay back all the money he has made our country lose. He started a war that should of never happened for his own selfish reasons. Look at all our young men that have died for nothing.


What Hillary Will Find Under Those Carpets

June 15, 2007

According to a press release from the racist and anti-Semitic hate group, Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, Hillary Clinton said this:

  Senator Hillary Clinton (NY): “I have enjoyed a long and positive relationship with Reverend Al Sharpton and National Action Network, and I don’t ever remember saying “no” to them and I intend to remain their partner in civil rights as I clean the dirt from under the carpet in the oval office when I am elected President.”

We can tell Ms. Clinton in advance what she will find under the Oval Office’s carpets, since Laura Bush was doubtlessly too grossed out to even consider turning them over. Hillary Clinton will find BlowJobBilly’s used condoms and “used cigars,” none of which were of course used on her.

Anti-Second Amendment Sideshow Freak Exhibit

May 24, 2007

Poltrooni Cowardus Pusillanimis

Gutless worm 

This invertibrate species can be identified by its yellow ventral and white dorsal coloration. Despite its similarity to annelids, or worms, it has a single-ended digestive system. Its mouth must double as an anus because it lacks an intestine; that is, it is gutless. It was rarely found in ancient societies, where it would have been exterminated quickly and thus prevented from passing either its genes or its values to future generations.