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Insight into Rachel from Cardholder Services Scam

December 29, 2011

I had a very instructive conversation with them today. I pretended to look for my credit card but left them on speakerphone, and I could overhear the background conversation. A very rude and pushy individual was telling somebody something about a $690 fee to be applied to a credit card. This may be their scam. On the other hand, law enforcement could probably trace them through the bank through which this fee is processed if they try to collect it, so maybe their real agenda is to steal credit card numbers.

Word for the Day: Mall Peon

December 3, 2011

Mall Peon

A mall peon is somebody with so little self respect that he or she will wait in line to get into a store to buy Chinese-made trash, pepper-spray other shoppers to buy Chinese-made trash, trample other people in the process of buying Chinese-made trash, or be so obsessed with buying Chinese-made trash as to walk by a man having a heart attack without doing anything to help.

A lot of time is wasted in traffic because of all the mall peons tying up the highway between Black Friday and Christmas.

Only a mall peon would wait in a long line to get into a Wal-Mart for any purpose, at any time of year.

Intelligent people laugh while mall peons squander their money on Chinese-made trash, and then wait until Boxing Day to buy said trash for roughly what it is actually worth.