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Rachel from Cardholder Services: Likely Criminals

September 2, 2011

They called today (not mentioning Rachel, maybe her reputation has spread, but I recognized “Consider this your final notice”–don’t I wish), and their representative asked for my credit card’s expiration date. I gave him one (and made sure it was not the one that actually went with my credit card). Then he asked for my credit card NUMBER. This is the first time this has happened (the last time they asked for the bank’s 800 customer service number) and it is outright evidence of criminal intent.

In any event, I told him I did not have the card with me, and I would have to go get it. I kept him waiting a good 5 minutes, and he finally asked, “Are you sure you are looking for the card?” I replied that I hadn’t been looking for it at all, and I was on the Do Not Call List. He said angrily, “I bet you think that’s funny, don’t you?” I said it was funny as hell and that, if he didn’t want it to happen again, his organization should never call my number again. I think he hung up before the last part but he was obviously mad while I was not upset at all, so he got stressed and I didn’t. Keeping somebody on hold while you read the paper, work on the computer, or whatever is probably the rudest and most disrespectful thing you can do–worse than cursing them out (they just hang up) or telling them not to call you again (they just hang up).