Don’t Blame God, We Did it to Ourselves

    For here lay the excellent wisdom
    of him that built Mansoul, that the walls
    could never be broken down nor hurt
    by the most mighty adverse potentate
    unless the townsmen gave consent thereto.
    Bunyan’s Holy War.

Jeremiah Wright’s call for God to damn America was apparently answered tonight, but the decision to be damned was up to the American people. It is a common principle throughout the world that evil cannot enter a place unless someone opens the door to admit it. Many legends say that a vampire cannot enter a home unless someone opens the door to him, and everyone knows the legend of the Trojan Horse. On November 4, the United States damned itself by opening the door to Barack Obama.

We hope fervently that we are 100 percent wrong, and that Obama gives us occasion to apologize for what we have said about him. Right now, though, we hope our country survives long enough to clean Obama’s allies out of the Congress in 2010 (as the Republicans swept Congress in 1994) to limit further damage to our nation.



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