“President Sarah Palin:” Jewsvote.org Shills for Obama

We will point out up front that Mik Moore of the Jewish Council for Education & Research has asked for the following to be circulated as widely as possible. We will do so, although with some added comments for undecided voters.

    President Sarah Palin
    By Mik Moore

    In the waning days of August, as Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain were getting ready to accept their party’s nomination for President, each was faced with a decision that would shape their administration: choosing a Vice President.

      While we would have preferred someone with more experience than Sarah Palin–Pennsylvania’s former governor Tom Ridge comes to mind–Palin stands head and shoulders over Joe Biden in terms of (most importantly) character and judgment. Biden’s lack of judgment was most recently illustrated by his prediction that America’s enemies would “test” Barry Hussein Obama within six months of his inauguration. If we were Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chavez, Osama bin Laden, or Oprichnik-in-Chief Vladimir Putin, we would rather negotiate with the community organizer than with the retired Navy pilot or a woman who would rather field dress us than appease our demands. Palin also has more executive experience as a Governor than Barry has acquired during his short tenure in the Senate and, unlike Barry, she knows where the buck stops.

        The U.S. Constitution requires the election of a Vice President to ensure a clear and peaceful succession of office if the President should, for any reason, become unable to serve. This occurs more often than we might think. In the 20th Century, five Vice Presidents assumed the Presidency in this fashion. Four presidents died in office and Richard Nixon resigned. Another two presidents used the position of Vice President as a stepping stone to the Presidency; first Nixon, then George H.W. Bush.

        In recent years, the Vice President has taken on additional responsibilities. Our current Vice President, Dick Cheney, is known to have tremendous influence over White House policy.

        So in addition to choosing their successor, the nominees for President were making their first selection of a member of their Cabinet, the inner circle of decision makers in any administration.

        Sen. Obama chose Sen. Joe Biden as his Vice President, cabinet member, and possible successor. Sen. Biden is among the most highly respected foreign policy experts in the United States , serving as the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He is known as tough and often blunt, willing to stand up to dictators like Slobodan Milosevic, whom he called “a war criminal” to his face. Biden’s knowledge of Middle East affairs and his decades of strong support for Israel are well documented.

      Mr. Moore omits the fact that Senator Biden is also a liar, a bully, and a coward who has used his Senate position at least twice to inflict emotional distress on a private citizen by falsely accusing her deceased father of killing Biden’s wife and daughter while driving drunk.

      “Liar,” “bully,” and “coward” are very strong words, and we have to justify their application to a man who lost two family members in a terrible accident. Had the other driver been an unidentified person (e.g. a hit and run driver), we could sympathize with the bereaved husband’s and father’s accusation of drunk driving even in the absence of proof–and failure to stop and provide assistance in such a case is a crime by itself. This is not, however, what happened. The other driver did stop. The police investigated thoroughly, tested him and the deceased Mrs. Biden for alcohol, and determined that neither driver had used alcohol. Biden’s subsequent description of the other driver as a drunk driver makes him a liar because the falsehood impacts real people: in this case, the driver’s daughter.

      A false accusation of a crime like killing someone while driving drunk is automatically libel, and it is significant that Biden did not dare make this accusation while its target was still alive. He waited until the man died of natural causes, and then inflicted emotional distress on his daughter by defaming her father’s memory. She has no recourse because it is not legally possible to libel a dead person, and it is this aspect of the case that makes Biden a coward. Finally, his use of the power of his office, including his Senate Web site, to propagate his lie makes him a bully: a powerful person who uses his position to attack a relatively helpless one for personal gratification or, in Biden’s case, political gain. Mr. Moore does himself and his organization a real disservice by promoting this individual.

        Sen. McCain chose Gov. Sarah Palin as his Vice President, cabinet member, and possible successor. Gov. Palin has no foreign policy experience whatsoever. She didn’t even have a passport in 2007 when she was preparing to take a trip to visit troops from Alaska ‘s National Guard. She got her start in politics as an ardent anti-choice activist and member of the Alaska Independence Party, which advocates voting on Alaska’s secession from the United States .

      In other words, Governor Palin has the same amount of foreign policy experience as the top half of the Democratic ticket. We do not agree with her total opposition to abortion, although her decision to carry a special needs child to term instead of aborting him shows that she lives by what she says. Obama’s support for live birth abortion (infanticide) is even more reprehensible, and it is significant that Jewsvote.org “forgets” to address this little problem.

        In 1999 she attended a fundraiser for Pat Buchanan who was running for President. The same Pat Buchanan who praised Hitler and blames Jews for turning Congress into “Israeli occupied territory;” the same Pat Buchanan who merits seven separate pages on the Anti-Defamation League’s website. Buchanan has described Palin as a “[pitchfork] brigader for me in 1996, as was her husband. They were at a fundraiser for me. She is a terrific gal.”Like many on the Christian Right, Palin believes that the earth is 6000 years old and has supported the teaching of creationism in the classroom. As the editor of the L.A. Jewish Journal noted, a search for “Palin” in the AIPAC database produces no matches. That is because Palin has no record on Israel , one of many countries she has never visited.

      It is significant that Jewsvote.org can say only that Palin attended a fundraising event, i.e. she was in the same room with Pat Buchanan. Jewsvote.org cannot claim that she actually endorsed Buchanan, or gave him any kind of material support. It must instead rely on McCarthyite guilt by association while forgetting that Barry Soetoro sat in a racist, anti-American, and Israel-hating church for twenty years. In April 2007, Barack Obama not only attended a meeting of a racist and anti-Semitic hate group, he gave a speech to it and he praised and endorsed its leader: “Reverend Sharpton is a voice for the voiceless, and a voice for the dispossessed. What National Action Network has done is so important to change America, and it must be changed from the bottom up.” We encourage our readers to Google on “Sharpton” and “Freddy’s Fashion Mart” to verify Sharpton’s record of promoting hatred of white people and especially Jews.

        Among Jews who take seriously American foreign policy generally, and particularly our nation’s approach to the Middle East and Israel , the choice of Sarah Palin is deeply disturbing. At this moment of international crisis and ongoing instability in the Middle East , why would John McCain choose as his successor and running mate a governor with absolutely no background in this area? With the future of Israel hanging in the balance, can we take a chance on John McCain, who chose Sarah Palin despite being told by many of his supporters that the choice was a bad idea?

      Joe Biden apparently thinks the choice of Barack Obama is deeply disturbing, because Biden said that America’s enemies would be eager to “test” this phony smile on top of an empty suit within six months of his inauguration. In other words, Barry’s own running mate regards him as a weakling and probable coward who could easily be exploited by America’s enemies, in contrast to a man who was in the cockpit of a Navy warplane during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

        Palin is also a life-long activist of the Christian Right.. After eight years of a Bush Administration that at times appeared to exist solely to do the bidding of this powerful voting bloc, many Jews shudder at the idea that we could be in for another four years of the same with McCain/Palin. Yet according to the New York Times, McCain felt he had to ask Palin, and not his close friend Sen. Joe Lieberman or former Gov. Tom Ridge, because he feared the wrath of the Christian Right.

      We would have preferred Ridge due to his longer experience, but we trust the commander of Alaska’s National Guard to protect our life, the lives of our relatives, and our country. While we respect Joe Lieberman, he still puts a “D” after his name despite being knifed by the Obama/MoveOn.org wing of his party in 2006, and it is not realistic for the Republican candidate to run with any Democrat. Does Mr. Moore remember, by the way, that Obama’s friends at MoveOn.org tried to destroy “Jew Lieberman’s” career?

        This has left us with some important questions to consider. Will McCain serve out his term and not be forced to turn the White House over to President Palin? Will McCain continue to be controlled by the Christian Right? Will McCain’s decision making change once he is elected to take into account the needs other communities, including the Jewish community?

          Now Jewsvote.org is trying to portray a man in late middle age as a doddering old man with one foot in the grave, perhaps with Alzheimer’s Disease (the same slur promoted by Obama’s official campaign site). We can ask in turn whether Obama will continue to be controlled by George Soros, MoveOn.org, and the foreign interests that are allegedly donating tens of millions of dollars to his campaign illegally. John McCain will certainly not be controlled by America’s enemies, that is for sure.

            It was obvious that when Barack Obama selected Joe Biden to be Vice President, he placed the interests of the United States and our allies first. Unfortunately, when John McCain selected Sarah Palin to be Vice President, he placed the interests of the Christian Right and their allies first.

          It is obvious to us that Barack Obama selected a dishonest political hack for his running mate, and a buffoon in the bargain who can’t even remember that his party is supposed to be for clean coal. The Three Stooges were a trio, but the concept of “Obamvis and Bidenhead” does come to mind. The Roman Emperor Caligula, meanwhile, showed his contempt for the Roman people by making his horse a Roman Consul, but at least the Romans got the whole horse.

            A McCain/Palin administration would combine the recklessness of McCain with the inexperience of Palin. It is now very clear that we need the steady hand of Obama/Biden during these challenging times for America , for Israel , and for our other allies abroad.

          A McCain/Palin administration would combine the disciplined steadiness of a former Navy captain with a strong-willed and courageous woman’s judgment. Jewsvote.org would instead have us elect a former cokehead who is, per the Nuclear Weapon Personnel Reliability Program, disqualified from any role in controlling nuclear weapons, along with an individual of proven dishonesty who has effectively called his own running mate a weak-willed coward whom every dictator on earth would love to “test” as soon as he takes office.


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