“Jewish” Democrats Accuse Republican Jews of Lying about Obama

“From Polls to Print and Now TV, Republican Jews Push Lies and Distortions About Obama,” says the National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC). The original Judenrats were Nazi-appointed Jews whose job was to govern Jewish ghettos and even select Jews for “relocation” to concentration camps, and a kapo was a concentration camp trustee or collaborator. Most Judenrat members and kapos at least had the excuse that they had guns to their heads (often literally). The NJDC, on the other hand, is willing to whitewash and shill for anti-Semites and other lowlifes entirely of its own volition.

The National Jewish Democratic Council was under no coercion whatsoever when it used its nominally Jewish identity to whitewash the vicious (i.e. the kind that might have come from genuine Nazis and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion) anti-Semitic hate speech at MoveOn.org’s now-disgraced Action Forum. In addition to whitewashing and thus enabling anti-Semitism, NJDC published a video, “Bubbie versus the GOP” with numerous anti-Christian hate images in which ministers, the Cross, and even Jesus appear in a “This is the Enemy” context. Add to this NJDC’s smear of the Christian computer game “Left Behind: Eternal Forces,” and we have a clear picture of an organization to which prevarication is second nature. This reflects squarely on the credibility of anything it says about Republican Jews.

The National Jewish Democratic Council is firmly behind Barack Hussein Obama despite Obama’s open association with anti-Semites like Al Sharpton (Google on “Freddy’s Fashion Mart” for an example of why Sharpton and his National Action Network are racists and anti-Semites), Israel-haters like Jeremiah Wright and Jesse Jackson, self-admitted domestic terrorist William Ayers, and other lowlifes like Michael “There were a whole lot of white people crying” Pfleger. NJDC has also chosen to support a would-be dictator who is willing to seize power “by any means necessary,” including Brownshirt-style intimidation of political opponents and outright election fraud with a little help from his friends in ACORN.

NJDC adds,

    On Friday, a group of 562 rabbis, who are supporting Obama, said that the McCain campaign’s recent statements about Obama were “creeping toward hate speech” and that the RJC’s tactics “harkens back to the classic Republican red baiting tactics of Joe McCarthy and Richard Nixon from the early fifties.”

It is to be remembered that many rabbis such as Michael Lerner of Tikkun.org advocate policies that are detrimental to the security of not only Israel but also the United States. We are not surprised that the Democrat Left was able to find 500 or so rabbis to smear McCain while they overlooked Obama’s endorsement of Al Sharpton and his open association with some of the country’s most vicious racists.

Meanwhile, Jewsvote.org’s “The Great Schlep” says, “Obama is the goodest person we have ever had as a Presidential choice.” This is true only if we take “we” to mean Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Osama bin Laden, Kim Jong Il, Vladimir Putin, and similar individuals who might be inclined to “test” Obama (per his running mate Biden) with, for example, a nuclear explosion in New York City or Tel Aviv on the day of his inauguration.

Yes, Obama is the goodest person that the world’s dictators have ever had for a Presidential choice, and some of them may even be backing him through laundered campaign contributions.

In any event, every racial, national, and ethnic group has its stooges, kapos, and Judas goats, and it is important that Jewish voters recognize NJDC and Jewsvote.org for what they are: left-wing fronts that use their nominal Jewish identities to shill for an individual whose own racism is evident from “Dreams From My Father,” and who enables and empowers the country’s most vicious racists, anti-Semites, and Catholic-hating bigots.


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