ACORN: Obama Worked With Us

Obama spoke of his history with ACORN

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    ACORN’s Political Action Committee Endorses Obama

    On Wed., Feb. 20, ACORN Votes endorsed Illinois Sen. Barack Obama for the Democratic Party’s nomination for president. ACORN Votes is the national political action committee convened by ACORN leadership.

    The endorsement followed an extensive process of interviewing each of the major Democratic candidates.

    “We have worked with all the leading candidates in the past,” said Maude Hurd, ACORN National President. “ACORN’s members have deep appreciation and respect for Senators Clinton and Edwards and their work on behalf of our communities. What it came down to was that Senator Obama is the candidate who best understands and can effect change on the issues ACORN cares about like stopping foreclosures, enacting fair and comprehensive immigration reform, and building stronger and safer communities across America.”

    When Sen. Obama met with ACORN Votes leaders in November, he spoke of his history with ACORN and his beginnings in Illinois as an organizer with Project Vote, a nonprofit organization focused on voter rights and education.

    “I come out of a grassroots organizing background,” Obama told members. “That’s what I did for three and half years before I went to law school. The reason I moved to Chicago was to organize. So this is something that I know personally, the work you do and the importance of it.”

    Obama continued to work with ACORN after he was elected to state office in Illinois and then to the U.S. Senate.

    Alicia Russell of Arizona, ACORN’s western regional representative, said Obama relates to the issues facing low- and moderate-income people. “I think he will commit himself to providing us the necessary path for low-income and moderate-income families to improve their lives,” Russell said. “He’s on the same level as we are, and sees our issues as we do.”

    Texas ACORN Joins Obama to Fight Foreclosures

    Texas ACORN members Teresa and Edward Molina and Rebecca DeZavala, all victims of the subprime crisis, and Texas ACORN Policy Director Michelle McClelen participated in an economic roundtable in San Antonio on Tues., Feb. 19, with Sen. Barack Obama to discuss predatory lending and the foreclosure crisis.

    ACORN members told their personal stories with subprime mortgages and discussed the larger impact of foreclosures on San Antonio and Texas. Obama credited ACORN for the organization’s work on housing counseling and spoke of the importance of organizing to get people involved in pushing for legislation to regulate the lending industry.

    Obama highlighted his work on the bankruptcy bill and his proposal for a homeowner bailout fund and funds for housing counseling.

    “Texas ACORN applauds Senator Obama’s co-sponsorship of S. 2452, the Home Ownership Preservation and Protection Act, which will crack down on abusive lenders and brokers that profit from exploiting vulnerable borrowers,” said Toni McElroy, president of Texas ACORN. “Had such basic protections, including a requirement that mortgage brokers act in the best interests of the borrower, been in place for the last five years, many of the foreclosures that we are seeing today would never have come to pass.”

    HELP Line Takes in More Than 1,000 Calls in First Week

    One week after announcing an agreement with Countrywide which could save thousands of homeowners from foreclosure, ACORN has received more than 1,000 calls from homeowners seeking assistance.

    If you are a Countrywide customer facing difficulties making your mortgage payments, or if you anticipate difficulty in the future, call ACORN at 866-67-ACORN or go to, or call Countrywide’s Home Retention Division at 800-669-6650.

    The best practices agreement between ACORN and Countrywide provides a variety of approaches to helping homeowners stay in their houses, to be determined on a case by case basis.


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