Obama’s Illegal Fundraising Methods, Misuse of Tax Exempt Money, Reinforce ACORN Scandal

ACORN and its questionable voter registration methods are merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to disreputable and possibly illegal election tactics. They include arguably illegal and possibly rigged–with winners selected before the entry deadline, misuse of tax exempt church resources for electioneering, and foreign contributions. Here is a convenient list of links for further details.

  1. Acceptance of contributions from foreign sources, and in excess of the $2300 individual contribution limit
  2. Fundraising through potentially illegal (and possibly rigged, with predetermined winners) “Dinner with Barack lotteries”
  3. Misuse of tax exempt church resources for electioneering:
    “A Politics of Conscience” at the United Church of Christ’s 2007 Annual
  4. Other questionable campaign financing practices
  5. Allegations of Election Fraud and Voter Intimidation (Nevada Caucuses)


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