The Duke of Wellington’s advice on the last month of the election

“Hard pounding, gentlemen: but we shall see who can pound the longest.”

The Battle of Waterloo was, in Sir Arthur Wellseley’s own words, “a close run thing.” There were many times at which it looked like a would-be dictator’s forces would overwhelm the British Army through fanaticism (attack columns chanting “Vive la France” instead of “Alpha, Omega,” as Obama’s supporters do) and sheer weight of numbers. Bernard Cornwell’s fictionalized account of Waterloo portrays Wellington as ordering the British flags taken to the rear to avoid their loss in the event of a total disaster.

The difference between Waterloo and November 4, 2008, is that the British Army could have retreated to fight the would-be dictator another day. If the self-proclaimed Messiah wins on November 4, the country will have to live with him for four years. It will not be until 2012 that the country can correct this horrific mistake, if we still have a country by then. This underscores the need to fight for every vote up to and through November 4 and, if necessary, to pursue the already numerous and credible allegations of blatant election fraud by Obama and ACORN.

The election’s outcome does not depend on the mindless fanatics (Joseph Goebbels called them collectively “the man in the streets” to whom the lowest kind of propaganda might appeal) who would vote for Obama even if they saw him step on an American flag like his friend William Ayers, but on the undecided voters who vote for the person and not the party. Once they realize that Obama is a fraud and an enabler of the worst kinds of racists, anti-Semites, Catholic-hating bigots, and self-proclaimed domestic terrorists, they will vote for “Duty, Honor, and Country”–especially the blue-collar middle-class Democrats who put our country ahead of either party. This last month will be hard pounding, but we shall indeed see who can pound the longest.


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