“If you vote for McCain, to Me You’re a S**t-stain”

“United States’ reputation as the assholes of the universe” underscores juvenile mentality of Obama’s entire campaign. (“Jewish” Council for Education and Research) has created a program called the Great Schlep. The video introduction, which stars foul-mouthed comedian Sarah Silverman, underscores the juvenile and immature mentality of the entire Barack Obama campaign. While Silverstein is admittedly attractive and talented in a crude sort of way (like the creators of Beavis and Butthead), we are talking about the future of the United States and not an MTV animated series. Here are examples of why thinks you should vote for Obama:

  • “A little man named Al Gore got f**ked by Florida.”
  • “All their friends are dying” (with regard to grandparents).
  • “John means toilet or a guy who f**ks hookers.”
  • Obama is “circumsupersized.” [i.e. he has a big penis–a real qualification there]
  • “You don’t have to use facts, use threats.” [Silverman suggests grandchildren threaten to not visit their grandparents if they vote for McCain.]
  • “Obama is the goodest person we have ever had as a Presidential choice.”
  • “He’s probably our last hope of ending this country’s reputation as the assholes of the universe.” [Note the basic theme that the United States is no good, and recall Michelle Obama’s statement that she was never proud of America until her husband ran for President.]
  • “If you vote for McCain, to me you’re a s**t-stain.” [Silverman suggests that grandchildren say this to their grandparents.]

Here is the carnival sideshow for your entertainment, if you like crude humor. REPUBLICANS: Please make sure that Jewish grandparents (and others) in Florida see this video so they can see for themselves the total contempt that Obama and his supporters have for their intellects. Download it from YouTube before it disappears; it will be in .flv format, but this can be converted for re-posting. (Maybe Obama & Co. really do believe that everybody over 65 or so is senile, and therefore receptive to this sort of material.)


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