Barack Obama’s Dangerous Personality Cult

First we had Barack Obama’s personal Presidential seal, and then Greek columns for a speech in a huge stadium. Now we have commemorative coins with Barry’s face on them, in the manner of Roman emperors and European monarchs. It may be noted that, in the United States, the face of a living person is NEVER printed on a postage stamp or a coin. Nonetheless, the Democratic Party not only failed to protest such an action, it actually welcomed it. This underscores our position that the Obama campaign is nothing more than a personality cult, and a dangerous one, that appeals to the most impressionable and weakest-minded elements of society–the kind with such low self-esteem that it really expects a Messiah to perform miracles and make the world into a paradise.

    A company in Birmingham’s [United Kingdom] Jewelery Quarter is making commemorative coins for American presidential hopeful Barack Obama.

    ...When they got in touch with the Democrats the party jumped at the chance. And the coins have proved such a hit that locally produced versions have already been launched to compete with the UK originals.

    The coins show Senator Obama’s face, along with a picture of the White House and the legend “President of the United States of America”.

Additional Information; it is U.S. policy that no portrait of living persons shall appear on its coinage.

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§ 5112. Denominations, specifications, and design of coins

(E) Prohibition on certain representations.— No head and shoulders portrait or bust of any person, living or dead, and no portrait of a living person may be included in the design of any quarter dollar under this subsection.


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