Obama Campaign Ad Mocks and Ridicules Senior Citizens

Official campaign ad is consistent with ageist hate speech hosted at My.Barackobama.com
This official advertisement, “Paid for by Obama for America” and approved by Barack Obama, continues his campaign’s proud tradition of mocking and ridiculing senior citizens, and indeed people over 50.

The ad opens with a mirror ball from a disco under the caption 1982, and then shows a clumsy portable phone and a Rubik’s cube. Then it derides McCain for not knowing how to use a computer or send E-mail. It says, “Things have changed since then, but McCain hasn’t.”

This ad was approved by Barack Obama, and it is entirely consistent with the ageist hate speech that pervades My.BarackObama.com, over which his campaign exercises editorial control. This includes rumors, perhaps posted by Obama campaign staffers under assumed names, that McCain has an age-related neurodegenerative disease along with jokes about Alzheimer’s Disease and “senior moments.” Another calls Hillary Clinton an offensive term for a female dog while deriding her “rabid over-50 crowd.”

A keyword search of Obama’s Web site turns up literally hundreds of pages that seek to connect John McCain to age-related neurodegenerative diseases. If Obama’s apologists claim that the hate speech might have been posted by agents provacateur, we can at least explore the possibility that Obama’s official campaign staff is posting the ageist material, possibly under multiple assumed names.


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