Militant Islam Awareness Day: September 11

Today, September 11, is Militant Islamic Awareness Day: a day to commemorate the achievements of Islamic supremacists throughout history, such as the sack of Khartoum (1885), numerous attempts to invade Europe, and of course the terrorist action that killed 3000 innocent people in 2001.

The concept of September 11 as “Militant Islam Awareness Day” comes from Islam Awareness Week, whose mockery by The Primary Source, the student newspaper at Tufts University, resulted in a Stalinist show trial and disciplinary action from the Committee on Student Life. The show trial was conducted under the supervision of Barbara Grossman, a major donor to the Democratic Party and wife of the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee. While under Professor Grossman’s supervision, another CSL member proclaimed that “Labeling Islam violent is unacceptable in any way, shape, or form.” The following image elaborates on the statement, “Labeling Islam violent is unacceptable in any way, shape, or form,” and it certainly has a lot to say about Tufts University.

The perpetrators of this action did not chant “Shma Yisrael,” “Hare Krishna,” or “Jesus Saves.” Cell phone calls from the doomed airplanes reported that they were chanting “Allah akbar,” a proclamation normally associated with Islam. Perhaps Dr. Grossman (noting that the CSL failed to identify the individual who actually made the statement in question) would like to explain why (1) the 9/11 hijackers did not really identify themselves with Islam or (2) the action shown in the picture were not violent. Here is another picture to assist the Committee for Student Life in formulating its answer.

We are quite confident that Professor Grossman, like any self-respecting liberal Democrat, is for women’s rights (as in fact are all decent people of all political persuasions, although the Democratic Left often claims a monopoly on this). Perhaps she should have the CSL, which she supervised during the “trial” of the Primary Source, convince us that stoning women to death for mostly imaginary offenses like “adultery” (which often includes being a rape victim) is (1) really not done under color of Islam or (2) really isn’t violent.

Perhaps Tufts University’s Committee on Student Life would like to weigh in on why the following is (1) not violent or (2) was not really done under color of Islam.

In any event, we thank the Muslim Students Association (MSA) for the idea of Islam Awareness Week, and we would like to define September as Militant Islam Awareness Month. Here is the calender.


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One Response to “Militant Islam Awareness Day: September 11”

  1. Wallace Edward Brand Says:

    There are none so blind as those who will not see.

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