Steve Cohen (D-TN) Equates Obama to Jesus and Palin to Pontius Pilate reports that Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN), who may have played Hades in Disney’s animated “Hercules” movie, had this to say in the House of Representatives.

I submit to you, Mr. Speaker, um, that the parties have differences, but if you want Change, but if you want change, you want the Democratic party, uh, Barack Obama was a community organizer like Jesus who our, uh, minister prayed about, uh, Pontius Pilate was a governor.

Perhaps Rep. Cohen believes that Obama is the Jewish Messiah (whom Christians would probably call the Second Coming of Jesus). After all, the National “Jewish” Democratic Council proclaims with a straight face that the Messiah is likely to be a Democrat. This would certainly be consistent with the semi-worship that Obama’s groupies and fanatics accord him at his rallies.

Meanwhile, anybody who has ever stood on a soap box, posted to a blog, or written a letter to the editor can probably claim to be a “community organizer,” although some like Jesus, Buddha, Patrick Henry, Abraham Lincoln, and so on were far more effective than nobodies like Barack Hussein Obama. Rep. Cohen also seems to forget that Democratic icons like Franklin Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton were governors just like Pontius Pilate, except that they were elected while Pilate was appointed. Then again, Sarah Palin also was elected. The bottom line is that the Democratic Left is certainly entertaining, if nothing else.


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