Obama Campaign Hosts Call for Civil War if McCain Wins

Obama-hosted posting agrees with Islamic Supremacists that America is the “Great Satan”

The Obama campaign, under pressure from exposure at The Husaria: For Our Freedom and Yours and Free Republic finally deleted Marilyn Wright’s “Fire Bill and Hillary,” which expresses a wish for Bill and Hillary Clinton to be lynched and shot, wishes for Bill Clinton to die from a heart attack, and calls Bill Clinton “white trash.” We have provided the Google cache link so our readers can see this sideshow freak for themselves–on a site “Paid For by Obama for America.”

Contrary to the disclaimer, “Content on blogs in My.BarackObama represents the opinions of community members and in no way should be interpreted as endorsed or approved by the campaign,” the Obama campaign exercises editorial control over My.BarackObama.com by deleting entries it finds “offensive” or “disrespectful.” Obama’s moderators sanctioned Marilyn Wright’s wish for the Clintons to be killed until it became an Internet-wide embarrassment, and they still sanction this individual’s call for a civil war if John McCain wins the election.

PROCLAMATION!! [Google cache for when the Obama campaign “disappears” it after exposure at Grizzly Groundswell, The Husaria, Free Republic, and elsewhere]
By Marilyn Wright – Aug 15th, 2008 at 4:23 pm EDT
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I want to say this right now, once and for all. When Barack won the nomination, I ran out of time to sit here on the website. But that doesn’t mean I’ve lost interest or changed my mind about Barack. I just felt like, OK, he’s got the nomination, now let me get on with other stuff. As far as I’m concerned, Barack Obama is already the President of the United States. George Bush is a JOKE, and his administration should be tried for crimes against humanity. When he won his second term in ’04, I was disgusted. I thought of his second term as just four years of waiting for this sucker to get out of office. Now, the McCain CIRCUS is trying to make it APPEAR that Barack is slipping in the polls, or that his supporters have softened up. But you can FORGET THAT! All I’m doing is takin care of my own business while I WAIT for Bush to fade into the past. I have learned how to prevent myself from boiling over with sheer RAGE, but inside, I am counting the minutes until the November election. And if McCain manages to twist the voting results into a victory for him, I WILL NOT ACCEPT HIM AS MY PRESIDENT. I’m serious as a heart attack here: I do not want to be an American if McCain gets elected President. The man is a twisted little FREAK. I can easily see him going into a Vietnam flashback in the Oval Office. I think he’s NUTS, and on top of being NUTS, his policies will RUIN the United States from within and from without. Low-income Americans cannot take another four years of teetering on the brink of EXTINCTION. And now it’s been SO LONG that we have struggled and suffered, we’re not just going to accept another rigged election, like the one we had in 2000. We’re not going to accept another CLUELESS JERK telling us what amounts to, “You’ll just have to sacrifice even more so that we can continue our NOBLE CAUSE in Iraq.” If that’s what I hear after Election 08, I will PUBLICLY REFUSE TO ACCEPT HIS LEADERSHIP. I will demonstrate until the police take me to jail, because I am SICK OF THIS BS!! We’ve sacrificed all we have to sacrifice, and we’re SICK OF SACRIFICING…especially in support of this ugly NOBLE CAUSE in the Middle East and the rest of the world. We’re a bloody JOKE in the eyes of the world–A CRUEL JOKE at that. I am telling you straight up, McCain will NEVER be MY PRESIDENT. I will leave the country and apply for visitor status in Canada, Denmark or the Netherlands rather than stand behind that little MONSTER. We have been DRAGGED to the point where we can’t just walk away from the election saying, “Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait until next time…” We’ve waited long enough for our leaders to lead us where WE want to go. More of the Bush BS will bring this country to the bottom of the food chain, and I’m not goin down with it. Just as my ancestors fled to the US to escape creepy dictators, I will escape this country, because it’s not a good country anymore. It’s an evil country. I AGREE WITH THE MUSLIMS WHO SAY AMERICA IS THE GREAT SATAN. WE ARE THE EVIL EMPIRE. I’m GLAD RONALD REAGAN IS DEAD. I’M GLAD JERRY FALWELL IS DEAD. I’M GLAD JESSE HELMS and that other old bag of bones, the hundred-year-old SCARECROW, ARE DEAD. They needed to die in order for this country to get a better world agenda. I will claim Obama as my president in November. If the McCain machine manages to officially “WIN” I will call for Obama to be the People’s President. I mean this: I will not follow McCain through hell. I will start a movement of people who gather in Washington DC around Barack Obama and proclaim him THEIR PRESIDENT. If we have to fight a civil war over this, SO BE IT. If the “United” States splits into two countries, FINE BY ME. I’m not gonna support another administration full of CRIMINALS.

I know a lot of Obama supporters are thinking “Don’t even worry about McCain being president. He can’t win.” But I have it from believable sources that “the fix is in” for McCain. He’s going to win just like Bush won. Nobody with a heart wanted Bush, but he “WON” anyway. And I’m sick of voting and having the votes get lost, or some jack-ass county in OHIO makes all the difference, and all these other sneaky tricks. The stakes are too high to let another election get stamped out like a cigarette butt. It’s OVER, and I don’t CARE if the election gets rigged in favor of McCain. I’m not gonna sit down and shut up if that FREAK gets elected. I’ll be an American refugee before I follow that creep.


Again, Obama for America exercises editorial control over this Web site, and this material has been online since August 15. In contrast, when we created a MyBO account and posted negative material about Obama (no profanity or hate speech, though–primarily referenced quotes from Obama’s own “Dreams From My Father” and similar material)–our postings and account were gone within 36 hours. This shows that the moderators can be very diligent about removing “offensive” and “disrespectful” material when they want to be diligent, but their noses had to be rubbed in this individual’s death wishes for Bill and Hillary Clinton before they reluctantly deleted that posting–and, as shown here, this individual’s account was not terminated for saying that the Clintons should be “lynched” and “shot.”

The above entry is not the only one in which Marilyn Wright talks about violence and civil war. “Mission Statement” is another.

Mission Statement
By Marilyn Wright – Feb 17th, 2008 at 5:46 pm EST
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Lately, I have been thinking that the Obama agenda is really what the 60s generation knew we had to do 40 years ago. However, in 1968 a conservative backlash cracked down hard on progressive thinkers and blocked all efforts to fulfill the promise of our generation. We have been waiting all these years, watching the Nixon-Reagan-Bush era play itself out. Now, even some CONSERVATIVES are having a change of heart with respect to social and economic issues, and MAYBE we will see some real transformation of American society. OR we may see another hero die a martyr’s death, yet ANOTHER casualty of the conflict between change and status quo. I sincerely PRAY that, this time around, the anti-democratic elements of the United States will not resort to assassination in order to demoralize the progressive movement. My heart is weary of mourning all of our slain visionaries!

I foresee the possibility of a violent uprising at the Democratic National Convention, similar to what we saw at the convention in 1968, brought on by the decades of stifling economic conditions and active efforts to thwart the opposition. I hope we will not be compelled to engage in a full-scale civil war in order to bring about the changes that have been pushed back since the 60s.


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One Response to “Obama Campaign Hosts Call for Civil War if McCain Wins”

  1. usvet Says:

    Not to worry! Change is coming!

    At the end of American President Palin’s 1st term in 2012,

    Christian American traditional values will no longer be whispered in secret at the White House and in Washington, D.C. (They will be shouted “Loud & Proud” from rooftops all across our Christian American Nation!)

    There will no longer be any room for any forms of democracy, pluralism, or tolerance, of people who differ from us, in our country.

    The religious and political liberty of the enemies of God in this country will finally be denied.

    Restoration of our Christian nation and traditional American values will be complete. (Just 4 more years!)

    America, along with the rest of the world, will be governed by conservative Christians and a conservative Christian interpretation of biblical law.

    Convicted criminals will be outsourced to foreign countries for incarceration. (Just like American jobs!)

    And that’s not all!

    The American portion of The Protocols of the Elders will finally be completed in ourcountry, by our American Evangelical Church/Republican National Party alliance and…..

    Then The Prince will arrive, and he will make all political / religious parties, and elections both unnecessary and irrelevant!

    And I can’t wait!

    (this) “Country First!” (the rest later!)

    “Support our troops, keep America free, VOTE McCAIN-PALIN!”

    “Drill, Baby Drill!”

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

    – Beloved American Founding Father, Freemason, Nephilim – Illuminati, & 3rd President Thomas Jefferson

    “In politics, nothing happens ‘by accident.’ If it happened, you can bet it was ‘planned’ that way.”

    -American President Franklin D. Roosevelt

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