Biden: Zero for Five on Foreign Policy

Sarah Palin’s detractors may want to know what can possibly be worse than a zero for zero record (the kind held by most state governors) on foreign policy. Try Barack Obama’s “experienced” running mate Joe Biden, whose record is zero for five if not worse. Peter Wehner’s “Biden Was Wrong on the Cold War” reports,

In the 1970s, Mr. Biden opposed giving aid to the South Vietnamese government in its war against the North. Congress’s cut-off of funds contributed to the fall of an American ally, helped communism advance, and led to mass death throughout the region.

In addition, Barack Obama’s “experienced” running mate–experienced in decisions that killed millions of innocent people while costing millions more their freedom, did the following.

–Opposed modernization of the United States’ strategic nuclear arsenal in the face of the Soviet Union’s expansionist agenda, thus showing that he is not the right person to stand up to Vladimir Putin’s new Russian Empire.

–Voted against the first Gulf War after Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait

–Opposed missile defenses for the United States

Peter Wehner adds,

In 2006, after having voted three years earlier to authorize President George W. Bush’s war to liberate Iraq, Mr. Biden argued for the partition of Iraq, which would have led to its crack-up. Then in 2007, Mr. Biden opposed President Bush’s troop surge in Iraq, calling it a “tragic mistake.” It turned out to be quite the opposite. Without the surge, the Iraq war would have been lost, giving jihadists their most important victory ever.

Here we have Joe Biden’s vaunted foreign policy experience in a nutshell. He voted to cut off aid to South Vietnam, thus promoting a Communist victory followed by killing fields and genocide. He called the successful troop surge a “tragic mistake.” It is quite clear that the United States’ election of Biden to any position of public trust or responsibility that involves foreign policy also would be a tragic if not catastrophic mistake.


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