“Jewish” Democrats Caught Publishing Anti-Christian and even Anti-Semitic Hate Material

NJDC’s “Bubbie versus the GOP” includes numerous anti-Christian hate images

JewsVote.org, a project of the Jewish Council for Education & Research, is a new Web site whose content includes the following:

To gain deeper insight into Obama’s solutions to the many challenges facing the United States, to learn more about his background or his positions on a range of issues, we encourage you to visit his website. For more information about Obama’s positions on issues of concern to many Jews, visit the National Jewish Democratic Council’s website.

Voters of all religions should realize that the National “Jewish” Democratic Council is about as Jewish as the Ku Klux Klan (which uses a cross and a drop of Jesus’ blood in its regalia) is Christian. It is a matter of proven record that the NJDC published anti-Christian hate material, and even material that could be construed as anti-Semitic, while using its “Jewish” identity to whitewash anti-Semitic hate speech from MoveOn.org.

The National Jewish Democratic Council’s “Bubbie versus the GOP” is still available as of September 1 2008. “Bubbie versus the GOP” really seems to be “Bubbie versus Christians, Jesus, and the Cross,” because it portrays all of them in a “This is the Enemy” context. Numerous frames contain images that are clearly anti-Christian hate images, as shown below. The Anti-Defamation League cited the image on the left, and rightly so, as anti-Semitic “Jews control America” hate propaganda. The frame in the center is from NJDC’s “Bubbie versus the GOP,” and it is identical in almost every respect to the anti-Semitic picture (except it uses a Cross instead of a Star of David).

It should already be clear that an anti-Christian hate group whose only connection to Judaism seems to be the presence of the word “Jewish” in its name. This is hardly meaningful because the German word Judenrat also includes “Jewish,” and it was a Nazi-appointed governing body whose purpose was, among other things, to keep Jews quiet and even help deport them to concentration camps. Just as Jews would expect genuine Christians to be foremost in condemnation of pictures of the American flag with a Star of David in the blue field, genuine Jews are similarly obliged to condemn similar hate material that uses the Cross in a similar context.

Now let’s look at “Bubbie versus the GOP” in detail.

In Episode 1, red-robed Republicans cluster around a lectern with a Cross. The image of red-robed government figures around a lectern with a Star of David in a similar context would obviously be anti-Semitic because it implies that the “Zionist Occupied Government” is taking over America. The use of the Cross in the same context is therefore an anti-Christian hate image. Then a poster appears in the background that shows a large figure of Jesus and the caption, “Visit Jerusalem After the Rapture,” thus mocking and deriding Christians who believe in the Book of Revelation.

Episode 2 opens with a poster behind Bubbie that says “America is a Christian nation,” thus again portraying Christians as enemies of Jews.

Episode 3 is the one in which Republicans, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, sew a Cross into the flag’s blue field. It opens with a Christian minister proclaiming that a vote for Bush is a vote for God. There is also an arguably racist picture of a dark-skinned man, who might be an Arab but who looks more like an Asian Indian, in charge of Homeland Security.

Episode 4 includes a blimp with “Jews for Jesus” on it, again in a “This is the Enemy” context. The blimp proclaims that a vote for Bush is a vote for God.

The National “Jewish” Democratic Council then goes on to promote hatred of Christians by smearing the Christian computer game “Left Behind: Eternal Forces.” NJDC’s total disregard for the truth is underscored by the fact that the misinformation it published about this game is still online as of September 1, 2008. The NJDC knows that this information is totally incorrect, but it has not removed or revised its blog entry.

Believe it or not, the Pentagon came close last week to sending out a video game that rewards gamers “for how effectively they role play the killing of those who resist becoming a born again Christian.”

You know the one, last winter’s “Left Behind: Eternal Forces.” The one that endorses a theology that believes Jews and other non-Christians must convert or be killed. The one in which the “good guys” are a Christian coalition fighting against the “bad guys” (a UN-like peace-keeping group). The game condemned by the ADL, the Christian Alliance for Progress, and others. The one you would probably not want your children to play.

We downloaded the trial version of the game, and the above material is an outright falsehood. While the Christians can kill the Antichrist’s combat troops as a last resort, they are penalized (through loss of “spirit points” that must be restored through prayer or Christian music) even for self-defense. They are not even allowed to shoot at the neutrals whom they are supposted to convert. They earn points not by killing the Antichrist’s followers, but for first turning them neutral with Christian music and then converting them to the side of Good. The Antichrist’s side meanwhile has evil rock musicians who can turn Christians neutral, thus allowing their recruitment into the forces of Evil.

While we do not share the game designers’ theology, the point is that what the National “Jewish” Democratic Council says about the game is an outright falsehood. This is the same organization that is now using its “Jewish” identity to deceive Jewish voters about Barack Obama’s open association not only with anti-Semites (e.g. Al Sharpton) but Israel-haters (Obama’s church) and racists of every stripe.

NJDC has a long history of playing Judas goat for anti-Semitic hate groups, much as kapos (concentration camp trustees) and Judenrats told Jews that the cattle cars were going to take them to nice relocation camps instead of gas chambers. NJDC leader Ira Forman personally signed the following statement about the reams of anti-Semitic hate speech that MoveOn.org welcomed at its now-disgraced Action Forum:

Jewish voters should take comfort in knowing that MoveOn.org is not a haven for anti-Semitism and the organization will renounce and remove any postings of the sort. Leave it to Republicans to not allow the truth to get in the way of campaigning. Sincerely, Ira Forman Executive Director National Jewish Democratic Council

We downloaded a huge collection of anti-Semitic and other hate speech from MoveOn’s Action Forum after MoveOn.org “removed” it per both Ira Forman and Eli Pariser. We needed three pages, in fact, to display all the hate speech, which also included 9/11 conspiracy theories and anti-Catholic hatred.

The National Jewish Democratic Council went on to underscore its hatred of Christians by opposing elective Bible as Literature courses to public school students.

NJDC also posted an item that could easily be construed as anti-Semitic. It is the same “Jew as Christian hater” propaganda that was used to incite various pogroms and the Holocaust. Per “Republicans’ Elephant in the Living Room,” still online as of September 1, 2008,

As for the purportedly common ground between Jews and Christians on American domestic issues, it is narrow indeed. Research by a variety of scholars and pollsters – Ken Wald of the University of Florida, Eric Uslaner and Mark Lichbach of the University of Maryland, the survey released just last week …shows a chasm between American Jews and evangelical Christians on issues ranging from the Iraq war to legal abortion to gay rights. More than identifying the schism on any specific topic, the research describes a visceral distrust, bordering on antipathy, for Evangelical Christians on the part of American Jews. For myself, I find this attitude to be exaggerated, or at least more suited to the past than the present, and yet it is an undeniable political reality. It is the kind of passionate reflex that a political consultant of my acquaintance, who happens to be a Republican, refers to as an “emotional trigger.” And in any campaign, he says, you need to find your side’s emotional trigger to get people out the door to vote.

This statement is clearly designed to damage relations between Jews and evangelical Christians, and it is therefore anti-Semitic as well as anti-Christian. It is, in fact, similar to “Jew as Christian-hater” propaganda that anti-Semites have spewed for centuries to incite pogroms and, most recently, the Holocaust. From “Propaganda and Children during the Hitler Years” by Mary Mills at Nizkor’s Web site,

Drawing on several centuries of anti-semitism, Bauer intensifies her anti-semitic assault by making the virtuous German the object of the Jewish hate. …An example of this concept of the Jew as a Christian-hater occurs in Uncovered Jewry, Or A Thorough And Truthful Report About The Horrible Ways The Hidden Jews Desecrate The Holy Trinity.

Meanwhile, NJDC stepped up to support the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, ADC, which proclaims Israel’s occupation of the West Bank “illegal” and “apartheid.”

It is also a matter of record that the National Jewish Democratic Council knew that the prominent racist, anti-Semite, and Catholic-hating bigot Louis Farrakhan endorsed Barack Obama, and that NJDC never called upon Obama to reject Farrakhan’s endorsement.

The NJDC also provided false information about a law to “ban third trimester abortions without offering protections for the life and health of the mother”–an outright falsehood. The truth, a concept with which NJDC has very little experience, is that the law says, “This subsection does not apply to a partial-birth abortion that is necessary to save the life of a mother whose life is endangered by a physical disorder, physical illness, or physical injury, including a life-endangering physical condition caused by or arising from the pregnancy itself.”

The National “Jewish” Democratic Party further abused its nominally Jewish identity by proclaiming that the Jewish Messiah will be a Democrat–an open insult to Jews who believe in a Messiah.

If the best information source that JewsVote.org can cite is an anti-Christian hate organization with a long record of lying to Jewish voters on issues ranging from MoveOn.org’s sponsorship of anti-Semitic hate speech, a Christian computer game, and the content of a law to ban partial birth abortion, it has a real problem–and so does Barack Obama.


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One Response to ““Jewish” Democrats Caught Publishing Anti-Christian and even Anti-Semitic Hate Material”

  1. berlet98 Says:


    As Gustav calms down and Hanna takes aim, as kids head off to school and their parents return the aspirin bottle to the medicine cabinet, the campaigns for the highest office in the land will be heating up.

    The “experts” tell us that people don’t pay attention to politics until after Labor Day, as if we’re all dolts oblivious of a presidential race until September. I don’t buy that, especially in this momentous year when we are faced with four candidates, McCain, Palin, Obama, and Biden, who are diametrically opposed on so many social and foreign policy issues.

    The mud has begun to fly, chiefly from the Mud Masters on the Left whose assignments are to take the low road and hit McCain and Palin with every lie, every distortion, every nasty innuendo their disturbed minds can dredge up as Obama and Biden cruise along the high road.

    The trouble is that the previous paragraph itself is somewhat of a distortion since Biden and Obama wouldn’t know a high road if it rose up and smacked them in the face, yet they’ll pretend to be on it. Also, if any voter believes the marching orders for the Left are products of the minds of the foot soldiers, the columnists, the bloggers, and the mass media itself, they don’t know politics and the Democratic Party.

    Grunts don’t establish policy, they follow and execute it.

    Oh, some bloggers and columnists and talk show hosts such as Larry King and Chris Matthews will fabricate reports and stories. We may hear that McCain really owns 87 homes, smashes cans of Budweiser on Cindy’s head,…
    (For the rest of this article, please see http://genelalor.com/)

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