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“Jewish” Democrats Host Hate-Monger and Impeached Perjurer Alcee Hastings

September 30, 2008

NJDC guest Alcee Hastings denounces all gun owners and hunters as racists and anti-Semites

Democratic Congressman Warns Jews, Blacks to Beware of Palin by Stephen Clark

    Florida Rep. Alcee Hastings on Wednesday warned two minority groups to beware of Sarah Palin because “anybody toting guns and stripping moose don’t care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks.”

    Hastings, who is black and a Democrat, made the comment in Florida at a panel discussion hosted by the National Jewish Democratic Council. The group recently criticized Palin’s invitation to an anti-Iran rally held during Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinajad’s visit to New York to speak before the U.N. General Assembly.


The Financial Crisis in One Sentence

September 30, 2008

The smart college boy/college girl MBAs* who run investment banks and other businesses have less practical ability than a man who did not even finish high school. Henry Ford told us in 1922 exactly why a good 20-30 percent of our investments vaporized during the past several months, and he summarized the cause in one sentence:

    The primary functions are agriculture, manufacture, and transportation.

There are exactly three ways to create wealth: grow it, mine it, or make it. While transportation does not add actual value, one usually has to move whatever one grows, mines, or manufactures. (more…)

Nancy Pelosi Put Herself and her Party Above her Country

September 30, 2008

The tragedy of Nancy Pelosi’s self-serving and partisan speech on the failed legislation to restore the nation’s credit markets is that its technical content was largely correct. Had Pelosi not insisted on gratifying her own ego and spleen by getting in a dig at Republicans and the Bush Administration, the bill might have passed.

    It is a crisis that freezes credit, causes families to lose their homes, cripples small businesses, and makes it harder to find jobs. It is a crisis that never had to happen. It is now the duty of every member of this body to recognize that the failure to act responsibly, with full protections for the American taxpayer, would compound the damage already done to the financial security of millions of American families. …The corporate CEOs whose companies will benefit from the public’s participation in this recovery must not benefit by exorbitant salaries and golden parachute retirement bonuses.


Barack Obama called for a total handgun ban in 1996

September 29, 2008

The Politico hosts a questionnaire that Obama filled out when he was running for Congress in 1996. Here is a screenshot of the relevant parts.

Obama questionnaire and gun control

Obama questionnaire and gun control

Obama questionnaire, Second Amendment

NJDC and High Holidays Service

September 28, 2008

We understand that the National Jewish Democratic Council and will hold a special religious service for the High Holidays. It will be entirely consistent with their use of their nominally Jewish identities to appeal to Jewish voters.

The Cantor will open the service with Sarah Silverman’s verbatim quote from her video for’s “The Great Schlep,” “If you vote for McCain, to me you’re a s**t-stain.”


“I Pressed the Wrong Button:” Obama Explains Vote to Allow Human Cloning

September 28, 2008

“Obama said oops on 6 state Senate votes by Peter Wallsten” reports,

    During his eight years in state office, Obama cast more than 4,000 votes. Of those, according to transcripts of the proceedings in Springfield, he hit the wrong button at least six times. …Obama was the lone dissenter on Feb. 24, 2000, against 57 yeas for a ban on human cloning. “I pressed the wrong button by accident,” he said.

Now imagine this buffoon in the Oval Office:


WIDENING Allegations of Civil Rights Violations by the Obama Campaign

September 28, 2008

Missouri’s Governor and Hillary Clinton’s campaign both allege what are arguably civil rights violations

We reported recently that Missouri’s Governor, Matt Blunt, accused the Obama campaign of conspiracy to misuse his state’s law enforcement resources to “threaten and intimidate his critics.” The text of Governor Blunt’s statement appears below. When we add the Clinton campaign’s allegations of “voter intimidation,” we get a very disturbing picture of which all voters need to be aware. We encourage our readers to copy and circulate the following material in its entirety. We will begin by quoting Governor Blunt’s allegation. (more…)

BREAKING SCANDAL: Missouri Governor Accuses Obama of Conspiring to Violate Civil Rights

September 27, 2008

Please copy, paste, and circulate this press release from the Governor of Missouri.

Note the Web domain of the press release, This is not “someone’s blog,” a “rumor,” or a “smear.” It is the official Web site of Missouri’s state government. The Governor of Missouri says openly that Barack Obama conspired to misuse his state’s law enforcement resources to “threaten and intimidate his critics.”

We cannot overemphasize the gravity of Governor Blunt’s accusation. While we are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice, “Conspiracy against rights” is a felony under the U.S. Code, Title 18 (Crimes). At present, Governor Blunt’s allegation is exactly that, and Barack Obama, like everybody else, is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. On the other hand, the court of public opinion is entitled to render a verdict before Election Day, and the following accusation needs to be either disproven or confirmed to the public’s satisfaction. We therefore encourage our readers to circulate Governor Blunt’s press release, which appears below, as widely as possible. (more…)

Presidential Debate: Obama Concedes Health Care Issue to McCain

September 27, 2008

It is vitally important that our readers circulate this information as widely as possible. Barack Obama, with his own words, conceded the health care reform issue to John McCain.

    Just one last point I want to make, since Senator McCain talked about providing a $5,000 health credit. Now, what he doesn’t tell you is that he intends to, for the first time in history, tax health benefits.

    So you may end up getting a $5,000 tax credit. Here’s the only problem: Your employer now has to pay taxes on the health care that you’re getting from your employer. And if you end up losing your health care from your employer, you’ve got to go out on the open market and try to buy it.

    It is not a good deal for the American people. But it’s an example of this notion that the market can always solve everything and that the less regulation we have, the better off we’re going to be.

To begin with, Hillary Clinton’s supporters should note the similarity between the McCain plan and the Clinton plan. Per (still available at, (more…) “If you vote for McCain, to Me You’re a S**t-stain”

September 26, 2008

“United States’ reputation as the assholes of the universe” underscores juvenile mentality of Obama’s entire campaign. (“Jewish” Council for Education and Research) has created a program called the Great Schlep. The video introduction, which stars foul-mouthed comedian Sarah Silverman, underscores the juvenile and immature mentality of the entire Barack Obama campaign. While Silverstein is admittedly attractive and talented in a crude sort of way (like the creators of Beavis and Butthead), we are talking about the future of the United States and not an MTV animated series. Here are examples of why thinks you should vote for Obama:

  • “A little man named Al Gore got f**ked by Florida.”
  • “All their friends are dying” (with regard to grandparents).
  • “John means toilet or a guy who f**ks hookers.”
  • Obama is “circumsupersized.” [i.e. he has a big penis–a real qualification there]
  • “You don’t have to use facts, use threats.” [Silverman suggests grandchildren threaten to not visit their grandparents if they vote for McCain.]
  • “Obama is the goodest person we have ever had as a Presidential choice.”
  • “He’s probably our last hope of ending this country’s reputation as the assholes of the universe.” [Note the basic theme that the United States is no good, and recall Michelle Obama’s statement that she was never proud of America until her husband ran for President.]
  • “If you vote for McCain, to me you’re a s**t-stain.” [Silverman suggests that grandchildren say this to their grandparents.]

Here is the carnival sideshow for your entertainment, if you like crude humor. REPUBLICANS: Please make sure that Jewish grandparents (and others) in Florida see this video so they can see for themselves the total contempt that Obama and his supporters have for their intellects. Download it from YouTube before it disappears; it will be in .flv format, but this can be converted for re-posting. (Maybe Obama & Co. really do believe that everybody over 65 or so is senile, and therefore receptive to this sort of material.)