Obama Campaign Calls Clintons and Working People “White Trash”

Obama campaign site also hosts a wish for the Clintons to die or be lynched

We say “Obama Campaign” instead of “Obama Campaign Site” because Barack Obama himself set the precedent by referring to small town Pennsylvanians as “bitter” people who “cling to guns and religion.” The subsequent entries at My.Barackobama.com, over which the Obama campaign exercises editorial control by deleting “offensive” and “disrespectful” material, merely follow the Democratic nominee’s lead. When they aren’t purveying party unity in public, Obama and his people denounce Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton’s supporters as “white trash” while my.barackobama.com hosts a wish for the Clintons to be lynched, and for Bill Clinton to die from a heart attack.

Our first specimen shows what the Obama camp thinks of blue collar Blue States like West Virginia, whose coal miners (ignorant working stiffs who risk their lives underground so Obama and his smart college boys like Eli Pariser of MoveOn.org can have heat, air conditioning, and electricity) won’t vote for a Black man. The posting also denounces the people of Kentucky, Kansas, and Idaho as knuckle-dragging trailer trash troglodytes.

Slack Jawed Racists and White Trash
By Allan J. Cronin – May 21st, 2008 at 1:12 am EDT

When I saw today the Clinton victory in Kentucky (known to many as ‘Klan-tucky’) and the recent victory in West Virginia I can’t help but feel shame and embarassment for the uneducated, prejudiced and hateful attitudes that contributed more to Clinton’s victory than any rational thoughts like, ‘I believe her to be the best candidate.’

…I think that Clinton’s victories in these states are pretty much the result of pandering to the vast numbers of hateful, uneducated, racist voters who simply won’t vote for a….black man.

What is interesting and a sign of progress is that Obama has won in states where I would have predicted that such hateful people would have prevailed. A black man wins in Idaho, Kansas, etc. These are not strongholds of the civil rights movement but perhaps they have evolved and made some social progress.

Here is our next specimen
Keep the White House White

Today’s Republicans can’t explicitly use “Before it’s too late” as a slogan but their contemporary fear mongering has a similar, though unstated objective: “Keep the White House White”! Directing such a message at the low information white voters making less than $50,000 per year (the Information Age euphemism for “poor white trash”) represents like a cynical attempt to go after a demographic that is stereotypically seen as racist.

Right: those “bitter” small town people who “cling to guns and religion,” per Barry himself.

Danger Will Robinson, danger…
By James – Apr 21st, 2008 at 11:41 am EDT
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The right wing machinery is fully geared up and blanketing the airwaves. Our newspapers are bombarded with editorials negative and mean spirited. The fear of Obama is reaching its first peak as we plunge on toward Pennsylvania. The Republicans want Hilary Clinton to be the candidate so badly that they are letting a wandering and doddering McCain simply wave about in the breeze. It is interesting to watch the anthropology of the whole thing. Lou Dobbs looks and sounds identical to that governor of Pennsylvania. Fat old white men are apparent everywhere. Bill Bennet. Rush Limbaugh. Will the public ever get it? Will they ever figure out that those rich puffy snobs have taken over the reigns of almost everything? What do any of them understand about the common trials and tribulations of living in our culture. They make millions upon millions. They have servants for everything. They do not even carry money or credit cards. They don’t need to. Their ‘people’ do all that. They do not fly on commercial air (they fly private) or drive (they have limos). They do not consort with normal people at all. Ever. If they are approached then their people fend the regular folk off. And these very same effete snobs are the ones who have control of what we listen to or see. And they lie. But you simply must smile at their followers. The poor, the unemployed, the barely employed…they follow that rich white trash as if they are mud men from the planet Mongo!

With regard to not flying commercial air, Albert Gore’s private planes spew more greenhouse gases in a month than the typical working family generates in a year, but we digress. This entry has a comment that calls Bill and Hillary Clinton “white trash with money.”

By Theresa LV Jan 24th 2008 at 4:33 pm EST
Let Billary keep going on and on — the more he opens his mouth, the more people see them for what they are. White trash with money.

Keep going Billary – you are making our case for Obama more and more apparent.

Next we have

Fire Bill and Hillary!

By Marilyn Wright – Jan 21st, 2008 at 9:58 pm EST
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Please go to NEWSMAX.com and read the entries by Dick Morris. He knows more about Bill and Hillary than anyone else, and you will be disgusted at the hypocrisy of the Clintons. I seriously wish there would be a riot and Bill and Hill would get LYNCHED. …Mr. Clinton’s presidency lowered the moral character of the whole damn country, so he should just go hide in his mansion in Chappaqua and wait to have a heart attack and drop dead. Bill’s not the first black president–he’s the first WHITE TRASH PRESIDENT.

As far as we know, this does not actually constitute a criminal threat because “Marilyn Wright” just wishes that something bad would happen to the Clintons as opposed to saying that she is going to cause it to happen. Another of her entries expresses delight that various political figures like Ronald Reagan are dead, which reinforces the wishing-vs.-threatening perception. (We are not lawyers, and this is not legal advice.) Nonetheless, the fact that the site moderators whose job is to delete “offensive” and “disrespectful” content have allowed “Fire Bill and Hillary”
to remain online for eight months–it will doubtlessly go under the bus
now that it has shown up at Free Republic and elsewhere, but here is
the Google cache for when it does–shows where the Obama campaign really stands on the Clintons and their working-class constituents.

Here is the entry in which “Marilyn Wright” rejoices in the deaths of various public figures.

Just as my ancestors fled to the US to escape creepy dictators, I will
escape this country, because it’s not a good country anymore. It’s an
JERRY FALWELL IS DEAD. I’M GLAD JESSE HELMS and that other old bag of
bones, the hundred-year-old SCARECROW, ARE DEAD. They needed to die in
order for this country to get a better world agenda

“Marilyn Wright” then goes on to call for a civil war if John McCain is elected. This, by the way, is “Marilyn Wright’s” statement on party unity:

Maybe we need to rethink this UNITY thing! Are we supposed to gather
together as one, or must there be a parting of ways between people who
GET IT and people who DON’T get it? Uniting around a core of ignorance
will not do us any good. Maybe the party NEEDS to be split. Maybe
that’s what needs to happen. A time is coming when the people who are
ready for the new world separate–drastically and permanently–from
those who are going down in the deluge with the old world. We have to
bring the old world to a close before we can unite the survivors in a
new planetary cycle.

The following entry (“The Ghetto-izing of Hillary Clinton”) went under the bus within 24 hours or so of its exposure in this blog and Free Republic.

Hillary’s only connection to lower socioeconomic groups comes from marrying white trash. She’s learned a lot slumming.

“Tattooed White Trash for Obama” (online as of August 29 2008) adds,

The press is fond of repeating the lie that Sen Obama is not getting the support of the white working class. I want to show that his is just plain wrong. We not only are voting for him we are among those donating to make his campaign victorious. Your donation will fight the lie. So if you are part of the working class (wether inked or not) and want to show that we are not sitting this one out make your voice heard by donating.

We doubt that genuine working people refer to THEMSELVES as white trash, but perhaps Obama’s smart college boys like David Axelrod, David Plouffe, and so on think they do. (Note to college graduates: we have more than one master’s degree, but in subjects that require mathematically correct answers for “A” grades as opposed to majors in which essays on why America and/or Israel are the root of the world’s problems earn a 4.0 average.) The following is what we mean by Obama’s “smart college boys” (and wife) who apparently think their political science and sociology majors make them superior to people who dirty their hands with honest work (including not only high school and vocational graduates, but college-educated engineers who put on hard hats or safety glasses to go to where real work is being performed).

David Axelrod–majored in political science
David Plouffe–attended U. Delaware, unknown major
Barack Obama–majored in political science
Michelle Obama–majored in sociology and minored in African-American studies
Eli Pariser of MoveOn.org–summa cum laude in political science

We add that Sarah Palin, the next Vice President of the United States, has a college degree but she has also worked on a commercial fishing boat and is therefore familiar with the kind of work that the people whom Obama & Co. call “white trash” really do.


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7 Responses to “Obama Campaign Calls Clintons and Working People “White Trash””

  1. BizzyBlog » ‘Trashing’ of Sarah Palin Moving up the News Food Chain? Says:

    […] to that “trailer trash” appellation, Ms. Palin now has something in common with another woman the Obamacrats […]

  2. Calanda-Technology.Com » Blog Archive » ‘Trashing’ of Sarah Palin Moving up the News Food Chain? Says:

    […] to that “trailer trash” appellation, Ms. Palin now has something in common with another woman the Obamacrats […]

  3. berlet98 Says:


    “..birds do it, bees do it/ Even educated fleas do it/ Let’s do it, let’s fall in love.” –Cole Porter

    Most people realized that Porter wasn’t singing about the birds and the bees or even about falling in love back in 1928 when he wrote, “Let’s Do It.” Back in his time, when a girl “did it” and got caught, she was usually hustled off to a distant relative or to a home for wayward girls.

    Times have changed. And now that Republican VP candidate, Governor Sarah Palin’s family has revealed that seventeen year old Bristol Palin is five months pregnant, http://voices.washingtonpost.com/thefix/2008/09/bristol_palin_is_pregnant.html, lowlife, hypocritical leftist bloggers, all virtuous Puritans, no doubt, are having a field day since she obviously “did it.”

    The announcement was made to quash their earlier slander that Trig, the five month old Palins’ baby, was actually Bristol’s child which would make Sarah and Todd grandparents.

    Then, when the leering lefties noticed what they described as Bristol’s baby bump, they shifted tactics and began saying she was (again?) with child so the Palins, to their credit, decided to clear the air.

    Like scavengers falling on a decaying carcass, the licentious lefties, along with the supermarket tabloids, will now feast on this story and attempt to plague Bristol and her family with their cameras and microphones hoping to get some tidbits about how this could happen to such a morally upright, family values clan. I hope they try since it will provide the family’s Secret Service detail with some recreation when they bash heads.

    The libs’ Bristol Stomp can and will backfire on them and, on the one hand, I hope they do treat her as they do poptart Jamie Lynn Spears. All their slime will return to them and coat them while redounding to Bristol’s and her parents’ credit.

    On the other hand, I’d like to scream louder than that YouTube nut who was so distressed over the media’s incessant harassment of her sister Britney and wanted everyone to just “Leave her alone!”

    In case you hadn’t noticed, we live in a sexually loose and permissive culture. A few generations ago, the word “pregnant” was verboten on the Big Screen, a bedroom love scene required that the male lover keep one foot on the floor, and even married Lucy and Desi slept in twin beds with a discreet three feet or so between them.

    Now, Baby, virtually anything goes and I’m not sure I should even use “virtually” there. So, here we have pretty, pregnant Bristol Palin, born and raised in a God-fearing, conservative, Christian family which adheres to and preaches Christian values,…
    (For the rest of this article, please see http://genelalor.com/.)

  4. Ed Darrell Says:

    And in the same vein, can we say The Husaria hurls racial epithets at Democrats, insults women, and calls babies ugly? It’s not exactly your words, but surely there are fellow travelers enough that it would be sorta fair, right?

    Seriously, why don’t you stick to the facts. Obama did nothing of the kind. You misquote him — which is a falsehood by any count — and you exaggerate what he did say. Worse, you leave false impressions about what Obama was saying about the trials of small town Americans — trials he has lived through.

    With such a departure from the facts, your headline and post lose value, and become nothing but trash — no color ascribed, no scare quotes, just trash.

  5. clancop Says:

    Well this is nothing, mudflaps is discussing how Bristol must have gave birth to both babies… Urgh, definitely not the progressive group people thinks they are. Well at least Obama isn’t supporting that… instead his campaign is calling Sarah Palin and Nazi sympathizer…

    Stay classy Obama…

  6. sonnywilkins Says:

    These are Obama SUPPORTERS, not Obama campaign members. You’re taking the very minority e-mails/comments and using them to try to represent the entire Obama Campaign; that’s not fair. There’s no shortage of crazy individuals all over the world, all over the country, and on every side of every debate. To use these rare cases as proof of a candidate’s professionalism is in itself unprofessional. I guess that’s why your a blogger and not a writer on a larger scale.

  7. wingedhussar1683 Says:

    Re: “These are Obama SUPPORTERS, not Obama campaign members. ”

    (1) The “bitter” small town people who “cling to guns and religion” was from Obama himself.

    (2) The Obama campaign exercises editorial control over my.barackobama.com by deleting material it deems “offensive” or “disrespectful.” It allowed all the “white trash” entries I cited to stand. “Exercise of editorial control” is the key phrase.

    The fact that the Obama campaign tolerates this and other hate speech at MyBO does reflect on their professionalism. If they delete material that is critical of Obama (which they certainly have every right to do) then they assume an obligation to remove the hate speech as well. They have failed repeatedly to do this, at least not unless it becomes an Internet-wide scandal.

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