Biden Wanted to Break Up Iraq

We have the Web page that Obama and Biden do not want people to see.

Biden Wanted to Break Up Iraq by Dan Senor, Wall Street Journal, August 29 2008 page A 18.

    At the Democratic convention, Joe Biden had the opportunity to showcase his foreign policy experience. Yet his principal and most recent foreign policy initiative — his plan for the soft partition of Iraq — was glaringly absent from his acceptance speech. When Barack Obama named his running mate, he ticked off Mr. Biden’s work on a range of other foreign policy issues — from chemical weapons to Bosnia. But there was no mention of Mr. Biden’s plan for Iraq.

    This was a remarkable omission. Mr. Biden’s Iraq plan had been a central theme of his own presidential campaign, and the subject of numerous addresses, television appearances, and op-eds. He authored a Senate resolution, passed in September, that reflected his plan, and he even created a Web site to promote it: But there is no more talk about that Senate resolution. And the Web site has been quietly taken down.

    Why the sudden silence?

    When Mr. Biden first proposed his plan with much fanfare just over two years ago, it was greeted with deep concern by a number of Iraqi political leaders. for the Biden-Gelb Plan for Iraq


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