Obama Campaign Site: Bill Clinton is White Trash, Working People are White Trash

This is what the purveyors of party unity really think of the Clintons. Contrary to the disclaimer on each page, the Obama campaign exercises editorial control over this Web site by deleting content it considers “offensive” and “disrespectful.” Statements that Hillary Clinton is a “self-serving bitch” are not considered offensive or disrespectful by the moderators who supervise the site. Neither is this entry:

Hillary’s only connection to lower socioeconomic groups comes from marrying white trash. She’s learned a lot slumming.

We think all Clinton Democrats ought to see this one, and we have downloaded the page and taken screen shots in case it goes under the bus. Then there is this page called “Tattooed White Trash for Obama.” It features a picture of someone who claims to represent the “white working class.”

The press is fond of repeating the lie that Sen Obama is not getting
the support of the white working class. I want to show that his is just
plain wrong. We not only are voting for him we are among those donating
to make his campaign victorious. Your donation will fight the lie. So
if you are part of the working class (wether inked or not) and want to
show that we are not sitting this one out make your voice heard by

We somehow doubt that genuine blue collar workers, who are proud of their work ethic, refer to themselves as “white trash,” although it is quite likely that Obama and/or his staff members do.


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