Obama Campaign Site: Hillary Clinton a “Self-Serving Bitch”

The purveyors of party unity also imply that Hillary Clinton would (if elected Vice President) murder Obama to become President.

The disclaimer “Content on blogs in My.BarackObama represents the opinions of community members and in no way should be interpreted as endorsed or approved by the campaign” has been proven to be meaningless, because the campaign exercises editorial control over My.Barackobama.com. Moderators can and do remove content and disable accounts when people post material the campaign deems “offensive” or “disrespectful.” Obama’s staff apparently did not consider “She [Clinton] is a self-serving bitch” who, if elected Vice President, should be watched by Michelle Obama and the U.S. Secret Service to make sure nothing bad happens to Barack Obama, offensive or disrespectful.

Also note that this was posted on June 1, and it is still online as of August 25, so Obama’s moderators had plenty of time to remove it had they wanted to do so. They apparently sanction this kind of thing, just as they sanction implications that John McCain has an age-related neurodegenerative disease (assuming that the moderators did not post these rumors themselves under multiple screen names to encourage their spread).

Post from Assunta Fleming’s Blog:
Let’s Play Fair
By Assunta from Deland, FL – Jun 1st, 2008 at 8:43 pm EDT
Also listed in: West Volusia for Obama
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I have not been as active on my blog since March because I have been disillusioned with the fact that if Sen. Obama had been trailing Hillary Clinton, he would have been out of the race a long time ago. As an African American, I believe that the rules are different for Blacks and Whites. If Sen. Obama was trailing and tried to change the rules of the game as Hillary Clinton did to push for Florida (and I live in Florida) and Michigan to be counted, it would not have happened. He would have been told that he had to follow the rules. However, the rules seem to be different for Hillary Clinton even though she signed a document acknowledging that Florida and Michigan would not count since they violated DNC rules. She even acknowledged publicly that the votes in Florida and Michigan would not count but because she has been trailing Sen. Obama, now she wants to change the rules of the game. I do not think that is fair. I applaud Donna Brazile for bringing up the point that her mother taught her that you have to follow the rules of the game and that if you want to change the rules at any time in the game that you are cheating. Bottom line, HILLARY CLINTON IS CHEATING. Every step of the way, Sen. Obama has had to make concessions in this race. He has even had to resign from his church. What ever happened to the separation of church and state? He has been scrutinized every step of the way. He has been held accountable for everything that everybody has said or done just because he may have brushed up against them. What about Hillary Clinton apologizing to Sen. Obama (and the Kennedy family) for the assassination remark? That is what I call a Freudian slip. She said this because this is what she has been thinking subconsciously. I am so tired of Hillary Clinton changing the rules that I just want to scream. I think that Sen. Obama has been very gracious and accommodating. He could have fought Michigan and Florida being seated but he did not. Hillary Clinton is not interested in what is best for our country; she is interested in what is best for her. She is a self-serving bitch. I am sorry but there is no other word I can use that can describe her. I am confident that Sen. Obama will be the Democratic nominee but Hillary Clinton has done so much damage to the Democratic party and Sen. Obama that I hate to say this but I think that he will be pressured to choose her as a running mate because the only way to assure a Democratic win in November would be to put her on the ticket as Vice-President. If that happens, then Michelle Obama and the Secret Service should watch Hillary Clinton like a hawk because I would not trust her around Sen. (President) Obama any further than I can throw her.


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2 Responses to “Obama Campaign Site: Hillary Clinton a “Self-Serving Bitch””

  1. patric77 Says:

    anyone who like hillary clinton is a dumbnut. i completely agree about this. she is only wanting to become vice for barrack so she can be the prez.

  2. harddriller Says:

    I guess Hill and Bill will be voting for McCain.

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