Obama opposed Induced Infants Liability Act (Illinois’ Born Alive Infant Protection Act)

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Obama and Live Birth Abortion

Obama and Live Birth Abortion


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2 Responses to “Obama opposed Induced Infants Liability Act (Illinois’ Born Alive Infant Protection Act)”

  1. miteegirl Says:

    Obama has come out in support of the Born Alive Infants Protection Act.

    He voted against the Iliinois Induced Infant Liability Act because

    1. it was not about extending medical care to aborted infants born alive as much as it was about “authorizing a parent or guardian to bring a lawsuit against a doctor or hospital for failing to take care of the child that survived the failed abortion. Stated differently, the Liability Act would create a new cause of action for money damages.” That is why it was labeled as the LIABILITY ACT.
    2. it was a poorly written piece of legislation that left many terms unspecified and undefined, thus creating more confusion about the issues, not less.

    You can find the summary of the legal analysis comparing both acts here:


    Please, please, please think for yourselves and do your own research instead of just relying on what is being sent to you in email chain letters. These things are too important to be left to rumor.

    i found this clarification in 2 minutes on Google. This stuff isn’t rocket science.

  2. wingedhussar1683 Says:

    Jill Stanek has a very different take on this. Also, the Federal version was very similar, and NARAL did not oppose it.

    Re: ” As Senator Obama pointed out in disputing the need for such a law, there is no evidence to support the proposition that doctors stand by and let viable infants die.” Jill Stanek, who practiced as a nurse in a hospital where abortions were performed, says otherwise.

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