Tagged.com Privacy and Security Issues

We were invited to Tagged.com by a friend (who also is canceling his/her account because of issues similar to the ones we are about to describe). A while later, we received the following message from a woman whom we had never contacted, nor even heard of.

Thanks for the offer but will be married 35 years on the 26th. I am sure there is some wonderful gal on this site and you need to Go For IT!! Whomever she is – she will be lucky to know you.

We wrote back and told her that we had not contacted her, and furthermore that we were going to cancel our account as a result (messages apparently sent in our name without our authorization). When we did this, instead of sending our message immediately, the site solicited personal information including home address, cell phone number, and date of birth. The latter is a key piece of personally identifying information that can be used to facilitate identity theft, e.g. were someone to hack into or otherwise misappropriate Tagged’s data base. We therefore added in our response to this person that we did not consider Tagged.com a safe place due to privacy and security issues.

In addition, Tagged told us that five people in Scranton PA had a crush on us, which is unlikely because we never posted any personal information, pictures, or solicitations for dates.

Further research shows that the site is popular with teenagers. Our advice to them, and parents, is that Tagged.com has some safety, privacy, and security issues it needs to work on before anyone of any age should have anything to do with it.


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