OFFICIAL Democratic Ad with Anti-Semitic Overtones

Watch out for that JEW Congressman Cantor!

We encourage our readers to circulate this Web page as widely as possible, and especially to Jewish voters who usually vote Democratic. This official Democratic National Committee ad makes a point of stating that Eric Cantor is a Jew, and does so in derogatory contexts. This is consistent with the anti-Semitic hate speech that pervaded Barack Obama’s official campaign site (, over which the campaign exercises editorial control) and also’s now disgraced Action Forum. Here are the relevant excerpts from the Democratic National Committee’s Web page, and we have taken a screen shot.

Eric Cantor
Cantor Was Actually Around a Lot of Suspicious Abramoff Events
Cantor Co-Hosted Improper Signatures Fundraiser With Abramoff. Jack Abramoff and House Deputy Republican Whip Eric Cantor co-hosted a fundraiser for then Rep. David Vitter at Abramoff’s Signatures restaurant. In April 2005, Vitter admitted to the Federal Elections Commission that he failed to pay for the expenses for the fundraiser. According to the Times Picayune, Rep. Eric Cantor was “the marquee guest” at the event which sought to raise money from the Jewish community. Both Abramoff and Cantor are Jewish. [New Orleans Times Picayune, 4/16/05, NRCC Events List,]

The Democratic National Committee seems to be warning people to watch out for crooked Jews like Abramoff and, through guilt by association, Eric Cantor. Note that the DNC felt a need to stress the fact that Abramoff and Cantor are Jews.

All that Corruption Sure Works Up an Appetite
At Fundraiser, Jack Abramoff Named Sandwich After Eric Cantor — Cantor Asked To Switch Sandwiches. “At a January 2003 fundraiser for Cantor, who had just become chief deputy whip, Abramoff unveiled the Eric Cantor sandwich, ‘a tuna-based stacker,’ which, lamentably, was ‘not quite [the] power lunch befitting’ the only Jewish Republican in the House. Hence a request by Cantor … to switch his eponymous sandwich to roast beef on challah, ‘a deli special that exudes Jewish power.'” [The Hill, 1/18/2006]

The Democratic National Committee wants voters to watch out for those powerful Jooooooooz who control all the media and beam mind control rays into the head of everyone who isn’t wearing a tinfoil hat…

Paid for by the Democratic National Committee — 430 S. Capitol St. SE, Washington DC 20003.
This communication is not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee

No, it’s not authorized by any candidate, but it was obviously published in support of Barack Obama.

DNC Eric Cantor attack ad

DNC Eric Cantor attack ad


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