Obama Campaign Site: “…a Jewish lynching of Senator Obama”

“radicals within the powerful rightwing Jewish Lobby …seek [Obama’s] crucifixion”

This posting eventually went under the bus (after being cited at Free Republic) but was allowed to remain at Obama’s moderated Web site for several months.

    Post from Alien Nesby’s Blog: Rev. Wright April 28th NAACP speech Commentary

    By ?:
    I have it on good authority that radicals within the powerful rightwing Jewish Lobby including [AIPAC] American Israel Public Affairs Committee are vexed, frustrated and displeased with Barack Obama’s refusal to accept special interest money and consequentially seek his crucifixion. The concern is that the Senator’s policy prevents them from exerting influence or extracting favor from his administration should he become the next President in these United States of America. In an effort to allay their fears, Senator Obama has offered his assurance that if elected, an Obama administration would not be a foe- yet this does not seem to halt their resistance to his candidacy. Reportedly, Senator Clinton’s campaign saw an opening to exploit the Jewish community’s apprehension and began stoking the anti-Obama fire behind the scene.

    In collaboration with the Clintons, they [the Jewish Lobby] dispatched a number of “candidacy assassinators” including former Clinton special counsel, Lanny Davis, Florida congress woman, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, California congress man, Brad Sherman, CNN news anchor, Wolf Blitzer [vis-a-vis Lou Dobbs], Independent Senator, Joseph Lieberman, the far right crippled Washington Post Journalist, Charles Krauthammer and others to torpedo Obama’s nomination bid. The above mentioned Jews were mandated to fan the flames of hateful passion against the Illinois Senator using demagoguery and nefarious spin of the Reverend Wright issue to toxify the American voters. Their mission is to convince the public that Obama would be unelectable in November due to his optics and alleged third party association to Rev. Farrakhan. This while simultaneously promoting Hillary as the only friend of Israel. It is also reliably reported that Democratic Jews are being counseled to vote for John McCain as a penultimate option should Senator Clinton not get the nomination.

    Take a look at the YouTube video where Rachel Maddow from Air America recently discussed the topic on her show. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdYzGzvXO0U

    African American Leaders dub the Jewish and Clinton’s anti Obama campaign, “mean spirited” but so far have opted to remain restrainedly tentative. They however suggest hypocrisy when Governor Rendell [who happens to be a Jew] is able to extol the virtues of Minister Farrakhan by praising his “goodness” and still remains an embraced surrogate of Senator Clinton…

    Additionally, the Jewish Lobby has tremendous financial reach and political clout. For decades they have been able to effectively manipulate the Holocaust to keep politicians beholden to their agenda. Those who resist or oppose are targeted with the anti-Semitic or Bigoted label [as evidenced by President Carter] in order to gain compliance. Some feel they run the risk of overplaying their hands in this instance though. Their chief Obama “Hit-Man”, Lanny Davis is causing tremendous concern at the great lengths he goes to decapitate the Illinois Senator’s chances of ever ascending to the Presidency and his conduct is described as vilely snake-like. The argument is that public opinion can boomerang if blacks are able to expose hypocrisy in what many now view to be a Jewish lynching of Senator Obama. Some posit that Jews have a historical pension for betraying visionary men who promise sweeping changes to the status quo. Coincidentally, it was they [Biblical Jews] who betrayed Jesus to the Romans so he could be crucified.

Alien Nesby then attempts to explain,

    In essence, from a religious stand point, absolutely nothing is said of Judaism. What is commented on is the mere fact that there exist political bodies that harken back to Judaism, and these political bodies tend to have agendas and look to ensuring that their agenda is furthered. To confuse such practices with the religion itself is a grave mistake.


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