Obama: Tim La Haye’s Nicolae Carpathia or C.S. Lewis’ Puzzle the Donkey?

McCain Web Ad Is Accused of Linking Obama to Antichrist (Wall Street Journal, August 8, 2008 page A5) reports,

Critiques of the ad started surfacing earlier this week when Eric Sapp, a Democratic operative, circulated the first of two memos pointing out images that he believed linked Sen. Obama to the antichrist.

“Short of 666, they used every single symbol of the antichrist in this ad,” said Mr. Sapp, who advises Democrats on reaching out to faith communities. “There are way too many things to just be coincidence.”

McCain campaign staffers have taken to calling Sen. Obama “The One” in reference to what they see as his self-aggrandizing speaking style.

We do not believe in a literal Antichrist, although the Antichrist scenario as described in Revelation has played itself out throughout history. The basic story consists of an evil leader (Antichrist) and a False Prophet who promotes the leader’s divinity. This almost certainly ties in with the ancient Chief/Shaman role pair, in which the secular government (king, emperor, tribal chief) is separate from its religion, as represented by the shaman, medicine man, or priest. The Antichrist scenario takes place whenever a compliant shaman or priest uses his position to endorse the chief’s purported divinity.

In the movie Alexander the Great with Richard Burton, a lunar eclipse terrifies the Macedonian Army before a battle. Alexander says immediately that the omen means that the kingdom of Macedonia will eclipse the Persian Empire. He then turns to his religious adviser and, without giving him a chance to reply, says “Is that not so, Aristander?” Aristander, of course, agrees immediately.

As another example, Sir Thomas More was beheaded for refusing to use his part of the chief/shaman role pair to support Henry VIII’s takeover of the Church of England.

It is also quite likely that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will one day produce Islam’s Twelfth Imam, who will probably reciprocate by proclaiming Ahmadinejad the true Caliph. This would be another example of the Antichrist scenario at work. The idea of an apocalyptic battle is consistent with the kind of damage this role pair–an ambitious king/chief and a compliant shaman/priest–can do after they convince credulous people that the king or chief speaks for God.

Now we come to the question as to whether Barack Obama is Nicolae Carpathia from Tim La Haye’s Left Behind, or Puzzle the Donkey from C.S. Lewis’ The Last Battle. Unlike Alexander the Great, Henry VIII, Hitler, or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Barack Obama lacks the personal substance to be an evil dictator or tyrant. That is, even assuming that he wanted to take over the United States, he lacks the personal qualities that are necessary to make him a dangerous villain. Instead of the Antichrist, Puzzle the Donkey comes to mind.

In Lewis’ story, Shift the Ape persuades Puzzle the Donkey to wear a lion’s skin to impersonate Aslan, a Jesus-like lion figure whom all Narnians revere. Even though the story is written at the teenage or even pre-teen level, the concept is terrifying to any adult who knows anything about psychological warfare and propaganda. It is clear that Shift the Ape is creating a personality cult of exactly the same kind that brought Hitler to power.

Shift’s next step is to equate Aslan with the evil demon Tash, whom the Calormenes (thinly disguised Turks who want to take over Narnia) worship. He calls the combined deity “Tashlan” while plotting to bring in a Calormene invasion force to conquer Narnia.

Puzzle, like Obama, is clearly not the Hitler or Antichrist figure; he is merely the figurehead or facade behind which the real villain conceals himself. As for Shift the Ape, the real organizer of the entire scheme, international financier George Soros (whose family has backed Obama’s political career) and the Daley political machine come to mind immediately. Soros, who was born in Hungary, cannot be President but he can control the country if he gets a compliant stooge into the White House–which he attempted in 2004. The Daley political machine also can gain control in the same manner.

In summary, Barack Obama is not the Antichrist, or even an Antichrist-like figure. He is, like Lewis’ Puzzle the Donkey, a front for people or organizations who are just as dangerous.


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