Obama Campaign Site on “Uneducated Whites and Zionists”

The following was eventually thrown under the bus, but not until it remained online for six weeks in full view of the moderators and administrators who exercise editorial control over Obama’s official campaign site.

Obama Corp: Danger Zones

Two danger zones come to mind: uneducated whites and Zionists. The former of the Ohio valley, the latter of Florida.

Brigades of local volunteers–preferably blood relatives of these natives–need to be deployed to enlighten the uneducated and reason with the Jews. Otherwise GI Joe McCain will be our next President.

For example: the uneducated say Barack is a Muslim and the Jews say he supports Hamas. Neither group will, therefore, vote for him. The simple rebuttal is Barack is not a Muslim and he does not support Hamas.

The truth, however, is that the presidency is a secular office and religious beliefs are not relevant; this debate should have been settled with the election of JFK. As for Hamas, they represent the poor and displaced and, for the historically minded, there is little difference between them and the Irgun.

The uneducated need to understand that they cannot sacrifice their country because of ignorance. The Jews need to understand that they cannot sacrifice their country (USA) because of allegiance to Israel, no matter what deal they believe God may have made with Abraham millennia ago.


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