Obama Campaign Site: Too Many Old and Stupid People in Florida

To the Alzheimer’s Disease jokes at My.BarackObama.com, over which the Obama campaign staff exercises editorial control, we add the following. The moderators whose job is to remove “objectionable” and “disrespectful” content from My.BarackObama.com had no problem with this statement, and (given the jokes about Alzheimer’s Disease and “senior moments”), it probably does reflect the campaign’s views of senior citizens. Note also that this is from the Headquarters Blog, and the blog owner has the power to remove commentary of this nature. He or she apparently considered it neither “offensive” nor “disrespectful.”

In my honest opinion, Barack should focus on the rocky mountain and the mid altantic states in Nov. Florida is just too old and uneducated. It’s like WV and PA put together. The latest poll showed him beating McCain by 5 points in PA. So let’s just forget about Florida. There’s just too many old people here. As Pat Buccanan said, “change” for them means a trip to the morgue. They will resist Obama. It’s hopeless here in Floriland.

Nowhere can we find, by the way, any evidence that Pat Buchanan said this about senior citizens. It is probably from the under-thirty crowd at MoveOn.org and Barackobama.com that wishes people who are old enough to remember traditional American values would pass away so the tongue-pierced crowd (the Obama Girl included) can take over the country.


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