Obama Campaign Censors Illegal Lottery Allegations

Campaign tries to keep supporters from seeing controversy over fundraising lottery

We reported previously that the Obama campaign, in response to complaints from Minnesota’s Department of Public Safety, modified its fundraising lottery to allow people to enter without making a donation. It was the opinion of Minnesota law enforcement that, prior to this change, the need to make at least a small donation in exchange for a chance toan expenses-paid trip to the Democratic National Convention constituted an illegal lottery. There is also a question as to whether the winners were really picked randomly, noting that a previous lottery winner was announced before the entry deadline.

The Obama campaign is afraid, and rightly so, that its use of questionable fundraising methods will alienate its supporters, so it is doing its best to censor this information so as to keep supporters and contributors from seeing it. The campaign’s moderators and administrators deleted the following blog entry from my.barackobama.com, doubtlessly because they do not want the site’s users to know that the campaign ran what might be an illegal lottery.

Post from Juliane’s Blog:
Rush Limbaugh is a Fool
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These are the last two paragraphs in his request at his site;


RUSH: One more opportunity for Operation Chaos Phase II.  “Barack Obama’s presidential campaign modified a solicitation for donations on its national website Tuesday evening to comply with Minnesota lottery laws after it was informed by a state law enforcement investigator that it was violating state law.” I told you this yesterday, they’re running a lottery, and the Obama website was offering supporters “who donated at least $5 to the campaign a chance to win a free trip for two to the Democratic National Convention in Denver.” They were going to have ten winners, each winner can bring a guest, a hotel room overnight, and a chance to meet The Messiah backstage at the Invesco Field at Mile High and then to watch his acceptance speech from there.  But Obama screwed up, ladies and gentlemen, one of the most basic rules:  Thou shalt not create a lottery.  Isn’t state regulation a b-i-itch, folks?  It gets in the way of everybody, even messiahs.  Anyway, here’s the opportunity for Phase II of Operation Chaos.  The Democrats want ten winners out of people that contribute five bucks or more to the Obama campaign.  Wouldn’t it be a hoot if some or even all of those winners happened to be Operation Chaos troops?

Now, in the past, ladies and gentlemen, as your commanding officer, orders from headquarters have never included you spending any money.  This remains your option.  If you go to the Obama website, you find a way, ’cause they’ve revamped it.  I mean, they haven’t pulled it, but they’ve revamped it.  So if you go to the website, the Obama website, you will be able to see this little contest and send ’em ten bucks as a campaign donation.  I know what you’re thinking, “Why should we pay for his campaign?” I understand this.  That’s why it’s purely elective.  This is not a command order.  But it does represent an opportunity for Operation Chaos troops to perhaps end up on stage at the Democrat National Convention at Mile High at Invesco Field. [Apparent end of Rush Limbaugh material, Juliane’s observation is below.[

Now if Mr. Obama picks people to attend he can make sure they have been listed as supporters before on his website or have contributed before so as not to pick Rush’s scam artists, so funny as Rush and his people are going to help finance the campaign if this works, personaly I do not think Rush has any pull and he uis the only one that thinks he is important , no one else does,

Juliane's entry on Obama lottery

The Obama campaign pulled this blog entry off its site even though it was critical of Rush Limbaugh, doubtlessly because the campaign obviously does not want its supporters and donors to look into the issue of whether the campaign was funding itself with an illegal lottery. This is something the Obama campaign is terrified that its own donors might see, so we encourage our readers to circulate this story as widely as possible. Once a would-be Messiah’s followers see through him and realize that he is a fraud, it is all over for him.


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