Jesse Jackson Can’t Castrate Barack Obama; He has no Cojones!

Q: Why can’t Jesse Jackson castrate Barack Obama? (“I’d like to cut his nuts off” was the actual quote.)
A: Michelle Obama keeps his “family jewels” in her pocket. That is why he lacked the cojones to:

(1) Resign from the racist church to which he and his wife belonged for 20 years, until Jeremiah Wright became such a political embarrassment that he had no choice. (It would not be surprising if Michelle Obama, whose college thesis espoused a primary obligation to the Black community, played a role in her husband’s decision to join or remain in this church.)

(2) Reject the endorsement of Louis Farrakhan until Tim Russert, who was joined in his effort by Hillary Clinton, cornered him like a rat during a nationally televised debate.

(3) Keep his promise to accept Federal election funding and corresponding spending limits.

(4) Refuse’s endorsement after published a defamatory insult to General David Petraeus.

(5) Debate John McCain “any time, and anywhere.”


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