Turn Obama’s Web Site Into His Verdun

Obama’s Biggest Asset is Also His Biggest Liability

Verdun was militarily useless but politically vital to France, so the French government could not live without it. General Falkenhayn planned to arrange matters so France could not live with it, either. If he poured in enough artillery fire, he could cause five Franco-British casualties for every two Germans he lost. France complied by pouring men into the defense, and the siege almost broke the back of the French Army. Had the Kaiser not interfered with his general’s plan, Germany would have won the war. Falkenhayn had in fact followed Sun Tzu’s advice by attacking a position the other side had to defend, and defend at a disadvantage.

My.BarackObama.com (aka MyBO, the solution for which is personal hygiene), the user community site at Barack Obama’s official Web site, is vital to Barack Obama’s campaign and fundraising strategy. Supporter participation in the form of blogging and social interaction builds commitment and encourages donations. The Internet is in fact Obama’s key asset for fundraising and organizing, and it is what General Karl von Clausewitz would call his “center of gravity”–the asset that, if captured or overthrown, results in total defeat. Barack Obama’s campaign therefore cannot live without my.barackobama.com, so we must arrange matters so it cannot live with it either. This is a relatively easy task because the Obama campaign exercises editorial control over the site, thus making it responsible (despite the disclaimer at the bottom of each page) for its anti-Semitic, misogynist, racist, and even libelous content.

The strategy we propose is simple: post and circulate, as widely as possible, the hate speech that pervades My.BarackObama.com. Always add the key phrase “exercise of editorial control,” which makes the Obama campaign morally responsible for every piece of hate speech. (It may also make the campaign legally responsible for the libelous entries, although we are not lawyers and so cannot give legal advice.) To this may be added a MyBO participant’s wish that President Bush had been assassinated. The individual did not actually threaten the President (a Federal crime), but it is easy to imagine how this will reflect on the Obama campaign.

It has been established beyond any doubt that Barack Obama’s campaign exercises editorial control over MyBO. This negates the disclaimer, ““Content on blogs in My.BarackObama represents the opinions of community members and in no way should be interpreted as endorsed or approved by the campaign.” The campaign’s moderators and administrators make value judgments as to the kind of material that can and cannot appear on the site. If they exclude some content (such as criticism of Barack Obama’s endorsement of Al Sharpton, exposure of uncomplimentary material from Dreams From My Father, and so on), they are effectively sanctioning whatever content they do not exclude. This includes not only anti-Semitic, misogynist, ageist, and racist hate speech, but also libelous content that was explicitly reported to the site’s administrators. In other words, Barack Obama’s Web site is knowingly and willfully hosting false accusations of criminal activity, which are automatically libel. Unlike the MyBO users who probably post the libel from the basements of their parents’ houses, the Obama campaign has millions of dollars and would therefore be a lucrative defendant should any of the libeled entities choose to act on this–and the libel is being brought to their attention.

Here are key talking points to use when quoting hate speech from Obama’s Web site. (We have not quoted the libelous entries even for the purpose of condemnation because, by doing so, we would be repeating the false accusations. E.g. if we write, “MyBO libeled So-and-So by calling him or it a racketeer,” we have re-stated the fact that So-and-So was called a racketeer. Libelous accusations of this nature against individual and corporate “persons” pervade My.BarackObama.com, and the administrators seem to have no problem with it.)

(1) Contrary to the disclaimer “Content on blogs in My.BarackObama represents the opinions of community members and in no way should be interpreted as endorsed or approved by the campaign,” the content is in fact implicitly approved (sanctioned, tolerated) by the campaign even though the campaign does not go so far as to “endorse” it. The campaign has proven itself quite capable of removing content with which it disagrees.

(2) The content that the campaign has allowed to stand includes anti-Semitic, misogynist, ageist, and racist hate speech, a wish that President Bush had been assassinated, and libelous content, some of which was explicitly reported to the site’s administrators.

If we circulate this material as widely as possible–and we have posted plenty of examples at Grizzly Groundswell, The Husaria, and Israpundit, including screen shots with Obama’s picture at the top–it will leave the Obama campaign with three options, none of which are viable.

(1) Do nothing while we quote reams of hate speech, a wish that President Bush had been assassinated, and reports of libelous content, all with the statement that the site is under the Obama campaign’s editorial control.This will hang the unsavory content around the campaign’s neck like the Ancient Mariner’s albatross, and My.Barackobama.com will indeed become Obama’s Verdun. It will make his credibility a helpless target into which we can pour attack after attack, an activity which will be about as sporting as what happens to a sheep in an abattoir.

(2) Screen and moderate every posting, which is what MoveOn.org did this in response to a similar scandal in 2006. (We know quite a bit about that scandal; we played a major role in bringing it to the public’s attention.) When MoveOn.org did this, however, its own members revolted and complained about censorship. People lose interest in a forum in which they have to wait hours or more for their postings to appear. The Obama campaign cannot afford to offend its supporters and contributors in this manner.

(3) Take down my.barackobama.com entirely, which was MoveOn’s second move in 2006; its prized Action Forum is no longer online. This crippled MoveOn.org permanently, and the loss of my.barackobama.com would probably be fatal to Obama’s campaign.

It is critical to circulate the offensive material as widely as possible, with the explicit statement that Obama’s campaign “exercises editorial control” over the site. Colonel Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger’s* Psychological Warfare warns that bundles of leaflets that fail to disperse make little impression on the enemy, unless they land on his head. Outrageous MyBO material that stays at Grizzly Groundswell, Free Republic, and so on also will cost Obama very few votes because not many readers plan to vote for him anyway. The material must reach the independent voters who are prepared to vote either way, and also the Hillary Clinton Democrats whom Obama must win if he is to have a chance in November. The misogynist hate speech that calls Clinton the B word, and even says women are not ready to hold public office, must be directed to that audience.

* Science fiction writer Cordwainer Smith, one of whose short stories mentions a “battle psychologist” known as the Hechizira of Gonfalon.

Here is one example that should be circulated as widely as possible. It is a comment on Sam Graham-Felsen’s blog, and Graham-Felsen holds some kind of official position in the Obama campaign. As the blog’s owner, he has the power to delete the indicated comment for being “offensive” or “disrespectful.” Any other administrator also can do so, but it has been online for more than half a year.

By Bradley Nov 16th 2007 at 1:01 pm EST
If I were an older African-American, I wouldn’t worry about Obama’s potential assassination. The Secret Service guys are doing a great job. If Obama was a target, an attempt would have been made by now.

Besides, I think Bush has a greater risk of being assassinated. There was, a few years back, an attempt to kill Bush, but it failed (unfortunately – I know that’s a terrible thing to say, but…).

In other words, MyBO, over which Barack Obama’s campaign exercises editorial control, sanctions (tolerates) a wish that the President of the United States had been assassinated.

Here is another one that says “These Jews are corrupting U.S. politics.” It is important to circulate this story as widely as possible where Jewish voters will see it. Even those who vote for the Democrat no matter what may have second thoughts when they realize that Barack Obama’s official campaign sanctioned material of this nature. Note the screen shot with Obama’s picture at the top; we can use it to connect his face with “How the Jewish Lobby Works.”

How the Jewish Lobby Works

How the Jewish Lobby Works

These are but two examples, and there are plenty more (including screen shots) where they came from.


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