Libel Pervades Obama Campaign Site

We previously reported that Barack Obama’s user site, (aka MyBO) is under the editorial control of Obama’s staff. Moderators and administrators can and do decide what content is acceptable. They can and do delete content and terminate accounts for “objectionable” and “disrespectful” content. They have, however, failed to act on at least one report of libelous content–a false accusation of criminal activity that is directed at an individual or corporate “person.” As of today (July 9), the libelous material is still present despite being reported to the administrators yesterday morning (July 8).

Libel report at

Libel report at

In other words, as of today, the Obama campaign is knowingly hosting libelous material at MyBO.

This is far from the only libelous entry at Another is directed at a public figure that we actually dislike, but it accuses him/her of felonies for which he/she has not even been indicted, let alone convicted. While it is harder to libel a public figure than a private citizen, it is not impossible. We have also reported this entry to the administrators. We have not posted the screen shot because it names the victim of the defamation.

These are but two of the most egregious example of the libelous material (consisting primarily if not exclusively of false accusations of crimes, which are automatically libel, against identifiable individual or corporate persons) that pervades Barack Obama’s official campaign site.


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