Obama Campaign Welcomes Material from Students for a Democratic Society

First we had the New Black Panther Party, then Che Guevara. Now it’s the radical SDS and “By Any Means Necessary”

Recall that the Obama campaign exercises editorial control over my.barackobama.com, and is quite capable of finding and removing “objectionable” material within a couple of days. This entry, which has been there for more than two months, is clearly not “objectionable,” at least not until it becomes yet another scandal that requires Obama to throw the writer under the bus.

    Progressive Action Plan
    By ! ?kjoftherock?A New & Better Day! – May 1st, 2008 at 2:58 pm EDT
    Also listed in: 4 groupsLeft Unity for A Left-Center Candidate
    By Keith Joseph
    Rutgers SDS Member

SDS = Students for a Democratic Society, a left wing radical organization that took its name from the sometimes-violent SDS of the 1960s.

    Left Unity for A Left-Center Candidate

    By Keith Joseph
    Rutgers SDS Member

    I know Jeremiah Wright… Well, I never met him, but I know his ideas, he is a part of the American political left. Nothing he said outraged me, or even upset me. I agreed with a lot of it, and disagreed with some of it. If we were to meet in person I imagine we would get along just fine, and we probably could do some good work together.

    Obama had to distance himself from his pastor in order to remain a viable candidate — a smart move. Gary Wills, writing in the May 2008 NY Review of Books, pointed out that Abe Lincoln, who Obama invoked when announcing his own candidacy, was associated with John Brown and the “radical” abolitionists. Like Obama, Abe had to distance himself in pubic from the “extremists.” But the abolitionists remained the left wing of Lincoln’s coalition, and although he publicly disavowed them (gently) he was secretly and indirectly connected to them.

In other words, Barack Obama had to publicly disavow Jeremiah Wright, but is secretly and indirectly connected to him.

    …If it were 1968, Hillary would be Hubert Humphrey, McCain would be Nixon, and Obama would be Bobby Kennedy. Some of our friends on the left have asked us to “Recreate ‘68.” Yes, but let’s not repeat the blind rage, instead let’s do it over and send Humphrey and Nixon packing. So, we must build a John Brown, Malcolm X, Jeremiah Wright bloc— a left bloc allied to but independent from Obama’s campaign.…We have a couple of immediate basic tasks: Obama must be the Democratic Party candidate—By Any Means Necessary. We should plan to camp right outside of Denver during the Democratic Party’s Convention and hold anti-war demonstrations and our own left convention. If right wing Democrats try to force Hilary-Herbert Humphrey-Clinton on us we march on the convention and make sure Obama gets the nomination–By Any Means Necessary. In November, we must make sure Obama defeats …John McCain. And finally, after the election, we must be prepared to convene anywhere in the country (Florida, Ohio etc.) to make sure that the Supreme Court does not decide the contest.

The entry also contains libelous material, which we have omitted from this posting.

Obama site and SDS entry

Obama site and SDS entry

Lest We Forget:


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