Palestinian Analyst says Obama’s Speech to AIPAC was Taqqiya (Deception)

 There is already a widespread consensus that Barack Obama will say whatever he has to say to get elected. His own pastor, Jeremiah Wright, said that he understood why Obama had to distance himself from him to avoid unfavorable attention. Obama also put on an American flag pin (perhaps for the first time) along with an Israel flag pin to talk to AIPAC, but he would probably wear a Palestinian flag pin if he spoke to the International Solidarity Movement. We also recall Yassir Arafat’s technique of saying in English what he wanted the West to believe while using Arabic to tell his followers his real intentions. “Obama’s AIPAC Speech Riles Palestinians” includes a Palestinian media analyst’s conclusion that Obama’s pro-Israel speech to AIPAC was pure taqqiya: telling people what they want to hear for the sole purpose of getting elected.

    Mahdi Adel-Hadi, a Palestinian political analyst, told NBC News on Thursday that Palestinians should be pragmatic and understand the circumstances in which Obama spoke before judging his words. “Remember this is a campaign speech, and he’s addressing the most powerful American Jewish lobby. Also, the Democratic nominee has to follow the lines of the party’s position,” said Adel-Hadi.

    “Those in the Arab world who condemn him are short-sighted, and it is too early to come with strong reactions,” Adel-Hadi said. “Obama needs to keep the party under his leadership and can’t leave room for anyone to doubt his integrity, which could weaken his challenge to McCain.” 

Obama reminds us of Tuco Ramirez, aka “The Rat,” from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Tuco would cross himself piously in church, or even after robbing a body. He would cheer for whichever army, whether Union or Confederate, that happened to be in the area. Then there was Beni, the contemptible character from The Mummy, who carried the icons of at least four religions, and displayed whichever he found most convenient at the time. We suggest that, instead of running for public office, that Obama (with his outstanding speaking voice) audition for similar movie roles because he could play them quite well. He wouldn’t even have to do much acting; he could just be himself and recite whatever lines he was given.


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    […] of others… Are you familiar with either ‘black liberation theology’ or the islamic practice of ‘taqqiya’ (or deception)? And don’t forget obama himself wrote that one of his most proud moments was when […]

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