Obama’s Web site on “Judeofascist Semites”

From Barack Obama’s Web site at my.barackobama.com

Post from Cakewalk Resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict:
Regarding your support for our immmient assault on Iran:
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Regarding your support for our immmient illegal assault on Iran:

Do you realize what utterly horrific price we pay that our Congress has been bought by AIPAC and the right wing Israeli nazi party (yeah – that’s you Bibi) and the war crimes we have in the works for Iran? What do you think about that, Sen Obama? How about you, Barack? How about Sen Dodd? – what would his old man say about both of yours cowardice and complicity (including your warmonger Lieberman vote back in July blowing open the doors for W and Cheney to assault Iran)?

These Judeofacists and their Neocon comrades have already destroyed America – we will need a new constitution to redress the crimes these Neocons (Israeli-firsters) have brought upon us. The entire Congress should be overthrown by revolution for having sold America to the Israelis – for $165K a year our Congress has sold or cowered before AIPAC, the American Enterprise Institute , and Israel. There is no longer an America – there is a slavish, blackmailed, cowardly group of trash – land of the slaves, home of the cowards. Those are our ‘American values’ – that is who we are. Our attack on Iran will be the END of America – we deserve everything we get – for the centuries it takes – to avenge the war crimes that have been committed in our names, with our tax dollars, with the perverts we have elected. fini America – we never faced down Krystol and Dershowitz and called them the Judeofacist semites they are until it was too late. How cute. How cowardly. How pathetic
It might have destroyed our political or academic careers if we had. haha

Obama site on \"Judeofascist semites\"
Note that this has been online for a good eight or nine months, and it is not the only posting from this source. In other words, this is not a fly by night agent provacateur who just dropped in to post this material.
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2 Responses to “Obama’s Web site on “Judeofascist Semites””

  1. goodtimepolitics Says:

    Obama is setting up a war room to battle us bloggers from! Will someone please ask him if he’s gone out of his muslim mind!

  2. twelvebarbiegirls Says:

    Any reference to juan carlos cruz, please disregard. My youngest brother is schizophrenic and more than one has got us in trouble such as these, when people think he is making some sense.
    Please do not pay attention and use your time for things that are more productive and rewarding. Thanks.

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