Screen Shots Obama Doesn’t Want You to See

Here are screen shots of pages that the Obama campaign had to delete from its official Web site because they contained testimonials from controversial figures (that Obama accepted but later decided to disown), anti-Semitic and other forms of hate speech from, and similarly embarrassing material. Since Obama doesn’t want people to see these, please copy (don’t link, it uses this site’s bandwidth) and circulate as widely as possible.

Obama accepted a testimonial from Father Michael Pfleger, a defender of Louis Farrakhan. This page was deleted a few days ago.

Obama and Pfleger testimonial

Obama accepted a testimonial from his hate-spewing pastor, Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright.

Obama’s handwriting is on a questionnaire in which he supports a HANDGUN BAN.

Obama questionnaire and gun control John McCain is an “old man” who should “visit the undertaker.”

McCain/Dinosaur screen capture

Anti-Semitic hate speech

 Use of the N word

Obama’s church published this blood libel of Israel

Obama’s church published this opinion piece by a Hamas terrorist

Obama’s pastor questions Israel’s legitimacy as a “state”

New Black Panther Party hate group for Obama

Obama solicits and accepts the endorsement of an anti-Catholic hate group

Comparison of “Jewish Lobby” to Hitler at Barack Obama’s Web site

Michelle Obama supports partial birth abortion

Michelle Obama’s senior thesis says her primary commitment is to the Black community, not to all Americans. (This is consistent with Barack Obama’s Black Nationalism as described in “Dreams From My Father”)

Michelle Obama thesis screenshot



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9 Responses to “Screen Shots Obama Doesn’t Want You to See”

  1. berlet98 Says:

    Ok, this interview by Bernard Chapin is 6 months old but since Kieran Lalor recently won the Republican nomination for Congress from the 19th C.D., it’s well worth a listen–especially if you live in that Hudson Valley district and/or if you want a conservative voice in Congress who will vociferously oppose the agenda of a President Barack Hussein Obama! (GASP!)


  2. David Tyler Says:

    Wow, just read the Oprah letter…I love Oprah…

    Is it true that Palestinians have been living in refugee camps for 59 years because Israel won’t let them go back to their houses and villages?!?! I’ll have to do some research on this…it’s outragious…

  3. Caitlin Says:


  4. wingedhussar1683 Says:

    The Palestinians are living in refugee camps because their fellow Arabs want them there (as a thorn in Israel’s side). The Arabs could have welcomed their “brothers” had they wanted to do so.

  5. David Tyler Says:

    Wow wingedhussar!!

    There must be some truth to what I wrote 3 days ago about U.N Resolution 194 and Israels unwillingness to let Palestinian refugees return to their homes/villages/farms (a Geneva Convention right)…or you would have hit the ‘approve’ button and not the ‘delete’.

    Your silence speaks volumes…

    My research continues.

  6. wingedhussar1683 Says:

    Re: “There must be some truth to what I wrote 3 days ago about U.N Resolution 194 and Israels unwillingness to let Palestinian refugees return to their homes/villages/farms (a Geneva Convention right)…or you would have hit the ‘approve’ button and not the ‘delete’.”

    I approved all your comments, as far as I know. Your entry of May 31 appears above. If you posted another and it didn’t show up, please re-post it.

  7. Obama Wins « Something should go here, maybe later. Says:

    […] Of course, I’m on the right, so I support candidates who are good candidates regardless of their gender or skin colour. Frankly, they’re both total crap. Hillary is a power-hungry schemer who’s calculated her way to the top, and Obama spent 20 years supporting racists, not to mention his other dubious friends he’s had to remove from his web site over the last few months. Found a great post on that here. […]

  8. David Tyler Says:

    Technology can be tricky sometimes.

    Essentially, I was presenting some of the things I had discovered. I quoted U.N. Resolution 194 which puts in writing the United Nations demand (which is also a Geneva Conventions right) to let Palestinians go back to their homes/villages/farms …which after 59 years they have yet to do.

    I postulated that the reason for the non-compliance may be because of racial prejudice toward Palestine’s non-Jewish population… And added how ironic that was that ‘racial prejudice’ was the reason the European Jews went to Palestine in the first place…and that the oppressed have now become the oppressor.

    It seems that the people of the region are used to being invaded and occupied: from the invasion of the Classical Israelites in 2000 BC (who were running away from enslavement in Egypt), followed by the Romans, to the Arab invasion of 700 AD, to the French invasion and 200 year occupation of 1099, then the 400 year Turkish occupation. In context, I see modern Israel’s invasion and occupation as something that will have to be endured by the current Palestinians who in reality are ethnically a combination of all of it’s occupiers over the last 5000 years…a true ancient melting pot of language, religion and culture!

    I will continue to read up on this fascinating subject.

  9. HYPN-O-SIS – B I R D / Says:

    […] Here are some very interesting “screen shots that Obama doesn’t want you to see.” […]

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